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Tecnadis GWR is an innovative rain, snow and ice repellent product for vehicle windshields.


Tecnadis GWR desiccant is a rain repellent treatment for cars and other vehicles. Composed of high-performance nanoparticles that have a hydrophobic effect. In this way, raindrops barely touch the surface of your vehicle’s windshield.

This treatment also facilitates the removal of ice down to -5ºC and the cleaning of any type of dirt on the glass of your vehicle.

Get greater visibility and increase safety in adverse weather conditions with minimal use of your windshield wipers.



This innovative windshield water repellent treatment is suitable for any type of vehicle:

  • Cars T
  • rucks
  • Buses
  • Trains, etc.



Tecnadis GWR does not release hydrochloric acid, unlike other water repellent products. Therefore, it can be applied even indoors.
It is a long-lasting product (up to 12 months / 20,000 km). In addition, it can be reapplied without removing the previous treatment

The rain repellent is quick and easy to apply. Its effect is immediate after treatment.
For its application and storage the temperature must be between 5 ° C and 30 ° C. The surface to be treated must be clean and dry before application.

Before use, shake the container vigorously. Apply the product directly with the spray or the help of a microfiber cloth or paper to distribute it evenly on the glass.
Immediately afterwards, wipe excess product off the glass with a dry cloth until it is completely transparent.

Finally, we highlight its excellent value for money. For example, for a car windshield (70-100 m2 / l) it offers a performance of 10-15 ml.


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As standard, Tecnadis GWR is sold in 3 formats:
Single-dose wipes
50 ml bottles
500 ml bottles
If you want to place an order or request a quote that meets your needs, please contact us here.

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