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We offer various products for special applications of the chemical environment and filtration of both air and different gases such as biogas. Also the treatment of residual or potable water as well as different methods of absorption and adsorption.

The treatment of air and other gases as well as potable and residual water is carried out with different products by adsorption of particles. The applications are diverse and very common: treatment of drinking water, waste water treatment, biogas generation, purified gas, oxygen generation or ozone.

On the other hand the addition of chemical products to compounds during the manufacturing process allows to improve the final products providing different properties.

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Our Products

Synthetic zeolite

Synthetic Zeolite

The large variety of synthetic zeolites allows the adsorption of certain molecules in both the gaseous and liquid state. There are many different types depending on the application for which it is used, either for filtration or as an additive to products during the manufacturing process. More info.


Natural zeolite

Natural Zeolite

Another way of realizing many of the applications in which the synthetic zeolite is used is with natural zeolite. They are minerals of volcanic origin with a great porosity and adsorption properties similar to the synthetic zeolite. They are used for filtration, crop improvement or animal nutrition. More info.

Molecular sieve

Molecular Sieve

Molecular sieve is used for gas filtration and may be synthetic zeolite. Thanks to the sieve, molecules can be separated from the compounds. It is ideal for adsorption of moisture as well as other components of gases in industries such as oil. More info.


Silica gel

Silica gel

Silica gel allows the absorption of water or moisture in filtration processes. It can be part of the filters in different industries that treat gases. It has a drying capacity inferior to the molecular sieve but its cost makes interesting its application in different processes. More info.


Antibacterial additives

Antibacterial Additives

Antibacterial additives can be used in plastics, paper, coatings, textiles or ceramics to remove bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms that may come in contact with the product. They can be incorporated to a wide range of products avoiding in this way the risks to develop bacteria. More info.




Microspheres have infinitty of applications since they are inert and have a very low density. That makes the production costs of many materials improve with the addition of the same. In addition, they improve the technical characteristics when adding them, like the abrasion, the resistance, the thermal or electrical properties and many others. More info.


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