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The use of microspheres in coatings and paints is intended to reduce the weight and price of these products by using less primary material.

Microspheres in coatings and paints

The use of microspheres allows to reduce the density and concentration of coatings and paints. For high-volume applications, this reduction means using and consuming much less paint and coating raw materials. Therefore, the use of microspheres also represents a decrease in the final price of the products.

One of the greatest advantages of using microspheres in coatings and paints, in addition to the reduction in weight and price, is the thermal and sound insulating capacity they can provide. Here are different cases of application of microspheres in coatings and paints:

  • Thermal insulating paints
  • Anti-condensation paints
  • Reflective road marking paints
  • Roof and wall coatings
  • Acrylic sealants


Use and supply of microspheres

To use microspheres in paints and coatings, the manufacturer’s recommended instructions should be followed. In most cases, these indications consist of a first high speed mixing of a series of elements together with the raw materials for paints and coatings. This first mix is followed by a second one at low speed with other materials. The last step is always to add the microspheres at low speed so that they are well distributed throughout the product.

At Sercalia we have different types of microspheres (you can check their specifications here). If you want to make a budget, consult a specification on the application of microspheres or want us to advise you on the type of microsphere that best suits your needs, please contact us here.

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coatings and paints
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