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Products for an intact cold chain that guarantees the customer that their product has been kept within a safe temperature range throughout their supply chain.

The good maintenance of the cold chain in the supply of a product is essential for those products that can change their properties in variations of temperature and not being kept at the right temperature. Thus, preserving intact the cold chain guarantees the good condition of the products and safeguards the health of the consumer.

A cold chain consists of good temperature maintenance during production, transport, storage and sale. Depending on the process you are in, different cold rooms, isothermal trucks, etc. will be used.

Cold chains are used primarily in the supply of food, pharmaceuticals and other chemical products. Depending on the type of product supplied, it will have a specific temperature range to keep intact the properties of the product. For example, one of the permitted temperature ranges in the cold chains of the pharma industries is 2 to 8 ° C.

Below you can consult the different products we offer from Sercalia to avoid breaking the cold chain of your supplies:


Cold chain

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