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The use of microspheres in synthetic or cultured marbles has the objective of reducing the weight and the price of these products and obtaining an improvement by reducing the cracking temperature.

Microspheres in cultured marbles

The use of microspheres makes it possible to reduce the density and the concentration of calcium carbonate. For high-volume applications, this reduction means using and consuming a much smaller amount of calcium carbonate and raw materials for cultured marbles. Therefore, using microspheres also represents a decrease in the final price of the products.

One of the greatest advantages of using microspheres in cultured marbles, in addition to the reduction in weight and price, is the ability to improve resistance to cracking caused by changes in temperature. The addition of microspheres to the marbles represents a very significant increase in the alternating hot and cold cycles that the product is able to withstand, going from 500 to 1500 cycles. This increase in cracking resistance is due to the spherical shape of the microspheres that better integrates the calcium carbonate molecules, and to the thermal insulating capacity of the microspheres, a fact that prevents cold or heat contractions of the marbles.

Below we present the most notable advantages of the application of microspheres in synthetic marbles:

  • Reduce formulation cost
  • Reduce weight 15 % to 40 %
  • Improve “Thermal Shock”
  • Improve Impact Strength
  • Reduce Freight Cost
  • Reduce TiO₂ (Titanium Oxide)


Use and supply of microspheres

To use microspheres in cultured marbles, the manufacturer’s recommended instructions should be followed. In most cases, these indications consist of a first mixture of the microspheres with the resin and later with the calcium carbonate. The rest of the processes (casting and finishing) are the same as in the manufacture of marble without microspheres.

At Sercalia we have different types of microspheres (you can check their specifications here). If you want to make a budget, consult a specification on the application of microspheres or would like us to advise you on the type of microsphere that best suits your needs, please contact us here.

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cultured marbles
cultured marbles

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