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Environmental conditions recorders or Data Loggers records data: shock, temperature, vibration, inclination, humidity and geopositioning of any goods transported, having the ability to view information while sending your products.


Data Loggers are devices used to monitor and record a variety of data during transport and storage of goods. The data collected by these devices can analyze the external conditions to the goods during transport or storage.
The information collected can be represented by graphs, tables or lists and allows to analyze and locate the critical points during transport of the product.
Using Data Loggers allows you to control the logistics chain, detecting where there have been problems (in possible transportation companies) or where weather conditions were severe. This way you can easily assign responsibilities and reduce costs for damage in handling and transport of goods.

Likewise, the use of these devices notifies recipients of shipments of possible damage on materials, allowing for immediate shipment inspection and localizing the damage from the first moment. This way you can execute corrective actions and claims more quickly if the product has had impact, vibration or has been exposed to extreme conditions of temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure.

By monitoring the temperature and humidity inside containers it is possible to assess the suitability of the packaging system chosen for that transportation. With data analysis can decide whether to use other different packaging systems to ensure proper product status once made shipping. For example, it is possible to detect the need for placing desiccant inside the packaging to ensure no moisture atmosphere during transit of goods.

It is a product that has been generalized for use as a control of the cold chain, both in food and pharmacy.
The most advanced devices let you know at any time the position and conditions to which the goods are exposed. By geopositioning is achieved associating each data to a specific position.


The Data Loggers are devices that are increasingly used for more applications. The current trend to monitor goods has made these instruments widespread, especially for high value added products, cold chain and shipped long distances.

The sectors in which these devices are currently used are:

  • Wind turbines and generators (G-View and ShockLog)
  • Biomedical supplies (G-View and ShockLog)
  • Maritime and rail containers (G-View)
  • Electronics (G-View)
  • Telecommunications, cabinets for computers (G-View)
  • Medical and laboratory equipment (G-View)
  • Nuclear Material (G-View and ShockLog)
  • Packing vehicles in the logistics chain (G-View)
  • Offshore oil platforms and equipment (ShockLog)
  • Structures and foundations in the construction sector (ShockLog)
  • Warehouses (ShockLog)
  • Laser (ShockLog)
  • Weapons and satellites (ShockLog)
  • Large electrical transformers (ShockLog)
  • Aeronautics (ShockLog)
  • Monitoring frozen (Trekview)
  • Chemicals (Trekview)
  • Photographic accessories (Trekview)
  • Perishables (Trekview)
  • Electronic components (Trekview)
  • Agricultural machinery (Trekview)
  • Wood products (Trekview)
  • refrigerated facilities (Trekview)
  • Ammunition (Trekview)
  • Livestock (Trekview)
  • Trekview Loggers Data Loggers
  • Trekview-H Loggers Data Loggers
  • TempMark 8 Loggers Data Loggers
  • G-View Loggers Data Loggers
  • 208 ShockLog Loggers Data Loggers
  • 298 ShockLog Loggers Data Loggers
Trekview Recorders Data Loggers
Trekview-H Recorders Data Loggers
TempMark 8 Recorders Data Loggers
G-View Recorders Data Loggers
Shocklog 208 Recorders Data Loggers
Shocklog 298 Recorders Data Loggers


The Data Logger devices often require special software for them. Once the software is installed for the first shipment is possible to reuse. You just have to add recording devices sharing the same software.
The ShockLog devices are delivered with a software for Windows that allows you to customize the values ​​of wake-up, warning levels and alarm and frequency of data collection.

For the initial installation the option of hiring technical assistance is offered.



There are different devices for recording environmental conditions. Here are the SHOCKWATCH existing range, from the simplest to the most sophisticated:

  • Trekview: Registration and temperature monitoring. It works through a single channel. FDA approved. There is the Wireless option, with easy access to the recorded data through the wireless system.
  • Trekview H: Recording and monitoring temperature and humidity through a dual channel. Also with the option Wireless accessing data wirelessly.
  • Tempmark 8: Record temperatures above 8 ° C. It is the most economical product to monitor the cold chain.
  • G-View: Allows you to record the dates and times that the G force limit (set by the user) has been exceeded in the X, Y, Z. You can log data for 100 events per axle and alerts whenever you were able to produce damage, so it is possible to react immediately. It is also possible to set separate limits independent impact on the axes X, Y and Z. Available in two operating ranges: 10 G-25 G 25 Hz – 40 Hz. For installation is required a Software Product. It is the simplest ShockLog product and only records impacts.
  • ShockLog 248: Records and measures up to 15 impacts. It is programmable and can take data from temperature and humidity. No vibration monitors. Available in sensitivity 10G.
  • ShockLog 298: It is the most complete of all product. Monitors and records up to 870 events (shock, temperature, humidity). Alert when the product has been damaged and can also measure tilt, GPS coordinates and transmit RF information. Ideal for monitoring vibrations.

For optimal transportation of keeping their products in perfect condition goods, desiccants can be used to control moisture. You can visit our Absorbent Products section for more information.

Check with us the type of Data Logger that you may need to monitor the transport of your products.

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