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Diagnosach, the lightest and most resistant reusable isothermal container, up to 96h cold chain autonomy


Description of Diagnosach isothermal container

Diagnosach is the lightest and most resistant reusable isothermal container, specially developed for transporting biological samples and as an overpack of infectious samples under controlled temperature, whether chilled or frozen, up to 96 hours of autonomy.

Simple, robust and lightweight product, Diagnosach combines the isothermal capacity of an exterior isothermal cover and a the thick insulated rigid isothermal interior container.

Designed to support intense transit conditions with extremely resistant materials to support mechanical stresses during transport and handling. Thanks to its modular construction, it is easy cleaning and maintenance and, additionally, worn parts can be replaced.

In addition, it has two document-holding departments, two reinforced carrying handles and a sealing ring to facilitate transport and handling.

Effective and guaranteed isothermal protection for the safe maintenance and delivery of your products.


Applications of Diagnosach

Temperature controlled transport of blood, blood products, tissues, organs, vaccines, biological, infectious, pharmaceutical and chemical samples.


Especificactions of Diagnosach

Developed in compliance with current regulations.

Nylon / polyester exterior bag (waterproofed and quilted double polyethylene with zipper)

Interior polyurethane isothermal container with lid (both fully integrated inside the outer bag).

It can be used together with the corresponding secondary packaging supplied optionally or as an overpack for infectious samples (pursuant to ADR, IATA, RID, IMDG P650 packaging instructions).

Weight: 2 kg (volume 12 liters, without cold packs).

It ensures the maintenance of the required temperature (5oC, -21oC, + 15oC, + 22oC) for more than 4 days.

Blue Diagnosach exterior isothermal bag includes two carrying handles, zipper or velcro.

Diagnosach interior polyurethane isothermal container with lid is available in 2 thicknesses, 30 and 40mm.

Finally, personalization is optional with corporate logo and text, manufacture in other sizes and capacities, as well as integrated pockets for cooling elements.

Ice Pack not included.


Diagnosach isothermal container
Diagnosach isothermal container Sercalia
Pharma isothermal container Sercalia
Pharma isothermal container Sercalia


Capacity (l) Thickness (mm) External dimensions Internal dimensions Min. consum.
5,56 30 250x250x290 185x165x182 10
12,8 40 400x300x300 325x185x213 10
22,6 40 450x350x350 355x255x250 10
42,2 40 450x450x430 355x355x335 10


Delivered ready to use and supplied according to the specifications above mentioned. Ice Pack not included.  For manufacturing other  sizes and capacities and product customizations , contact us here.


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