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Flexible ice pack, the most economical cool pack to maintain the temperature of your products in the cold chain.

Flexible Ice Pack. Cold gel pack. Cool pack. Sercalia

Description of Flexible Ice Pack

Flexible Ice Packs preserve the temperature of your products throughout the cold chain. They are more economical alternative than the traditional Ice Packs.

These gel packs for shipping offer very low heat conductivity. Therefore they help extend cooling time. Suitable to come into contact with food products. A cold pack lighter and more adaptable than other cool packs.

The price-performance ratio of this cool pack is excellent.

Cold gel pack is very easy to manipulate and economical refrigerants for your transport and storage!


Applications of gel Packs

Currently Flexible Ice packs are used to transport fresh food lasts up up to 48 hours such as:

  • Truffles
  • Fish
  • Seafood
  • Meat
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Flowers


Especificactions of Cool Pack

For best performance, freeze your flexible ice pack at -20 ° С during at least 24 hours before use. Non-toxic. Can come into contact with food.

If cold gel pack is not completely frozen it feels flexible to the touch.

Cool packs, together with insulated boxes and isothermal containers, provide complete solutions for cold chain logistics.

Flexible Ice Pack. Cold gel pack. Cool pack. Sercalia
Ice packs for shipping food. Cool pack. Cold gel packs. Sercalia
Cool packs for food. Flexible ice pack. Cold food. Sercalia


Weight (gr) Measures (mm) Units/box boxes/ Pallet Units/ pallet
420 170×200 22 78 1.716
600 170×200 16 78 1.248
750 170×200 12 78 936
1000 170×250 10 65 650


Ice packs are supplied according to the packaging specifications above mentioned. If you want to consult differents formats contact us here.

Cool pack. Flexible ice pack. Ask for bugdet - Sercalia
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