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Tecnadis Selfclean Ultra glass protector keeps your exterior and interior windows cleaner for longer. With super hydrophilic and anti-dust properties, it offers a durability of 3 years.


Tecnadis Selfclean Ultra glass protector is an innovative superhydrophilic and antidust product. Its high-performance nanoparticles create self-cleaning surfaces on exterior and interior glass. When the water comes into contact with glass treated with Tecnadis Selfclean Ultra, a thin layer is formed on the glass instead of drops. This is how the formation of water stains is avoided.

In addition, Tecnadis Selfclean Ultra has properties that reduce the adhesion of dust on the glass. Thus, they help removing the residues and dirt. Thanks to this, the time and resources dedicated to cleaning and maintenance are radically reduced. This glass protector offers an average durability of 3 years.



Specially designed to be applied to static glass and to achieve self-cleaning surfaces.

Indicated for any exterior or interior glass surface exposed to the action of water or rain. Specifically for windows, architectural glass, solar panels, vitrified ceramics, shower scrrens. etc.



Very easy to apply.I t can be applied manually and by spray gun.

After application, the coating is completely transparent. Also it does not modify the aesthetic conditions of the glass. Even improves visibility through it after coming into contact with rainwater.

Excellent features an high yield: 25-30 m2 / L (depending on the application method).

It offers total resistance to UV radiation, as well as high resistance to atmospheric agents.

The treated glass will present a hydrophilic effect immediately after application. An optimal effect is achieved after 24 hours.

It is not based on TiO2 technology and therefore does not depend on the sun.

Finally, the product is kept for 12 months from its date of manufacture in its original hermetic container at temperatures between 5 ° C and 30 ° C.

Tecnadis Selfclean Ultra
Superhydrophilic glass protector
Antidust Glass Protection


Tecnadis Selfclean Ultra is served as standard in two formats, 1 Liter bottles and 5 Liter bottles.
It can also be supplied in other formats. If you want to place an order or request a quote that meets your needs, please contact us here.

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