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The humidity indicators allow to control the environmental humidity or the interior of the packaging to which the products are exposed.

The humidity indicators are rigid paper cards with reading sections of Relative Humidity (RH), reversible and without cobalt dichloride.

Indicates when a certain value is exceeded through the change from blue to pink. It is applied in the packaging to be controlled and is available in numerous variants, being able to indicate the degree of HR from 5% to 95% depending on the application and need. It provides a visual test of the humidity level within an environment and / or packaging.

If the degree of humidity is too high, the user will immediately know that it is necessary to replace the desiccant and verify that the quality of the product has not been altered.

It is advisable to use these HR indicators combined with desiccants in any application to have control of the environmental conditions to which the products are exposed.


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