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Isothermal kit ECO, insulated box. High thermal insulation for the transport of thermo-sensitive products. Bio-sustainable, recycled and recyclable product.

 Description of Isothermal Kit ECO

The isothermal Kit ECO, insulated box is designed for the transport of thermo-sensitive products, The isothermal kit is a bio-sustainable Eco product (biodegradable and compostable). Also, isothermal kits are recycled up to 80% and 100% recyclable.

Composed of insulation sheets based on regenerated textile products, the eco isothermal kit offers high thermal insulation. In this way it guarantees a thermal conductivity between 0.029 W / mK to 0.034 W.

Each isothermal Kit ECO consists of a corrugated letter box as outer packaging and an internal isothermal piece of cotton. The 30mm thick inner biodegradable cotton is protected with an outer bag.

This insulated box is designed for single use only but can be reused as long as the cotton is protected from moisture. The moisture absorbed inside the bag reduces the isothermal capacity of the cotton.

The isothermal kits ECO insulated box can be combined with flexible ice packs cold accumulators.


Applications of insulated box

The isothermal kits ECO are used in the transport of any thermo-sensitive or refrigerated product. Use it to maintain the temperature and preserve the properties of your food, pharmaceutical products or fresh products while respecting the environment.


Specifications of isothermal kit ECO insulated box

The isothermal kits ECO are available in two different formats:

  • 21 Liters
  • 53 Liters

This kit doesn’t include flexible ice packs.

Isothermal kit ECO. Insulated box. Eco friendly insulated shipping boxes.  Sercalia
fresh food eco. Insulated box eco  with flexible ice packs. Sercalia
isothermal kit eco, insulated box with flexible ice packs. Sercalia
KIT ECO 21L Description Configuration
INLAY COTTON Inner Cotton NATUR COTTON 35 Kg/m3 30mm PART  A INL30 C01 P03 A03 : INLAY COTTON 30mm.PE/BD TRANSP 810x355x30mm TPS
External bag G-150 PE/BD TRANS IMP TPS
EXTERNAL BOX Carton box Box made of corrugated cardboard CCE 365x275x340 mm. Int KIT GREEN 21L DOUBLE CHANNEL



Kit 21L

Component Box dimensions Units / box Boxes / Pallet Units / pallet
INLAY PART A 1200x800x485 mm 42 3 126
INLAY PART B 1200x800x485 mm 64 3 192
CARTON BOX Stacked on shrink-wrapped pallet 1 150 150


They are supplied according to the mentioned packaging specifications. If you want to consult other dimensions, contact us here.

Insulated box. Eco friendly insulated boxes.  Ask for bugdet
Eco friendly insulated boxes. Buy online. Conservatis online store.

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