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Active packaging is the new trend for food preservation. Through bags or with additives impregnated in the packaging it is possible to lengthen the useful life of the food in a natural way.

Development of new technologies is allowing the introduction of active packaging and intelligent packaging to act together with the food, thus improving its properties and lengthening the shelf life. The maintenance of food without the need to modify them with additives is becoming a requirement of many companies in the food industry.

There are two ways to make an active container: by introducing some material (usually bags or pads) into the container that changes its interior atmosphere, or the packaging itself is already impregnated with substances that modify the interior environment.

On the other hand, the intelligent containers inform of the state of the food inside the container, allowing the control from the outside of the same.

The most common active containers absorb certain substances from the inside of the containers:

  • Humidity: They allow to absorb the humidity that is generated inside the containers, normally due to condensation and in the upper part of the containers.
  • Oxygen: Absorbs oxygen from the inside of the container leaving the food in an oxygen-free atmosphere.
  • Ethylene: Similar to oxygen, they absorb the ethylene emanating from certain fruits, vegetables and vegetables.
  • Liquids: Absorb liquids from certain foods


Smart packaging indicates the state of the packaged food:

  • Temperature Indicators: They allow to inform of the possible peaks in the temperature of the food
  • Freshness Indicators: They inform us of the presence of microorganisms or gases in the food
  • RFID tags: They inform us of data related to the production or supply of food

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