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NIUPACK: a practical, simple and economical solution to avoid the rolling and tipping of your merchandise. With NIUPACK, say goodbye to the claims for products falling.

Description of the NIUPACK pallet separator

The NIUPACK pallet separator, an innovative and practical proposal, is the ultimate solution to the pallets displacement and fall during transport. It is a piece of corrugated cardboard in a folding honeycomb structure. Each piece is easily placed between the pallets, acting as a separator. This way, you can avoid the fall of the product.

Fill in the existing gaps between pallets with the pallet separator NIUPACK to reduce or eliminate rolling, tilting or falling of the merchandise. Avoid the domino effect and movements by start-braking of the transport vehicle.

Specially used for the transport of small pallets (smaller than European or American) in retail companies such as supermarket chains.

It is simple and easy to place between the pallets, acting as a separator. This way, it avoids the fall of the merchandise and its displacement.

The NIUPACK pallet separator is a reliable and resistant solution: each one of its parts can withstand a pressure equivalent to more than 4,000 kilos (tested in laboratories). 100% recyclable, it emproves and complements its environmental and CSR policy.

In addition, NIUPACK allows its adaptation to the needs of different industries as there are different measures and formats available.


Some of the products in which NIUPACK pallet separators are currently used:

  • Freight transport
  • Great consumption
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Chemical products
  • Pharmacist
  • Electronics
  • Logistics



NIUPACK S60 600x380x60 mm 320/pallet
NIUPACK S75 600x380x75 mm 320/pallet
NIUPACK S85 600x380x85 mm 320/pallet
NIUPACK S100 600x380x100 mm 320/pallet
NIUPACK S125 600x380x125 mm 450/pallet
NIUPACK S150 600x380x150 mm 450/pallet


NIUPACK L100 600x380x60 mm 140/pallet
NIUPACK L150 600x380x75 mm 140/pallet

If it does not fit your needs, we can manufacture custom-made NIUPACK lashing according to your needs.


NIUPACK are supplied according to the packing specifications mentioned in the previous point. In case of budget and informations on other quantities please do not hesitate contacting Sercalia.

Niupack pallet separator
Niupack pallet separator
Niupack pallet separator

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