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Viruprotec, permanent protector against viruses and bacteria for fabrics and face masks


Viruprotec is a permanent protector against viruses and bacteria for fabrics and face masks. A waterproof protector that is applied to the exterior of the mask and to new or clean fabrics.

It is a breathable, invisible, and odorless antiviral product, made from water (no rinsing required). In addition, it is washable, reapplicable and easy to apply. With Viruprotec you will reduce the washing needs by more than 5 times.



This innovative permament protection product that inactivates viruses and bacteria can be used in:

  • Face masks (reusable and non-reusable hygienic, type I and II surgical, EPIS FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3
  • Fabrics (usual clothing, professional clothing, white coats…)
  • Jackets and coats
  • Bags and backpacks
  • Footwear
  • Home textiles (sofas, chairs, upholstery, curtains, rugs …)



To use it, shake the container beforehand and evenly spray the surface to be treated. 20 sprays on the outside are recommended for adult masks and 15 for children’s masks, leaving a 6-hour air drying time later. If you want to speed up the drying process, use a tumble dryer, blow dryer or expose the fabric to the sun.

Thus, each antiviral container for 125ml masks allows 10 to 15 complete treatments.

For the rest of the fabrics, apply on the outside and as required, ensuring that the product completely covers the fabric.

After 15 minutes of its application, the biocidal and disinfectant effect begins. Viruprotect also protects against stains and water, creating a waterproof protective barrier that allows the mask to be touched safely.

Its self-cleaning effect resists up to 5 washes in the washing machine and is equivalent to about 50 soft cleanings made with a sponge, cloth or microfiber, approximately 400 abrasions.


Viruprotec permanent protector against viruses and bacteria
permanent protection  for masks
Permanent protection for fabrics

Finally, you can reapply the product, when you notice a loss of the water repellent effect. You can also reapply it if you want to reinforce the antimicrobial protection and revive its water repellency.

Antiviral efficacy based on the standard UNE-EN-14476. Biocidal product notified as TP9, to prevent the growth of viruses and bacteria, according to RD 1054/2002.

  • 98.42% efficacy against human coronavirus (VIRHEALTH – France).
  • 99.8% efficacy against Mengovirus vMCO (BIOTECNAL – Spain).
  • 99.99% efficacy against E. Coli CECT-515 (LUREDERRA – Spain).



Viruprotect is sold as standard in 4 formats:

  • 125 ml and 500 ml spray.
  • 5L and 25L bottles.

If you want to place an order or request a quote that meets your needs, please contact us here

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