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Ice Pack for refrigerated transport. Maintain the temperature of refrigerated products throughout the cold chain.

Description of Rigid Ice Pack

Ice pack maintains the temperature of your refrigerated products over long periods of time. Rigid ice pack is the most robust and resistant cold pack for refrigerated transport. It is a reusable cool pack, easy to use and handle.

This freezer packs are manufactured in high-density polyethylene (HDPE) filled with eutectic gel. They thus offer excellent performance in terms of resistance against breakage and compression. In this way, they guarantee the solidity and stability of the gel in case of breakage (anti-leaking). In addition, the gel contained inside the block prevents its deformation.

There is a wide range of ice pack with formats from 200cc to 4,100cc. For large quantities it is possible to develop custom rigid cold packs. They also offer the possibility of customize with your company logo.

Cool pack, together with  isothermal  boxes and containers, provide complete solutions for cold chain logistics.


Applications of Ice Pack

Cold packs are currently used in the transport of thermo-sensitive products, especially in the pharmaceutical sector for the transport of:

  • Vaccines
  • Reagents
  • Serums
  • Insulins
  • Samples
  • heat-sensitives products


Cool pack specifications

For best performance, freeze your rigid cold packs at -20 ° С for at least 24 hours before use. Not toxic. Not stain. Approved for air and maritime catheterization.

Ice pack. Cool pack. Rigid accumulators. Freezer packs. Sercalia
Medical cold packs. Rigid pharma accumulators. Ice packs. Sercalia
Cool pack for vaccines, samples and thermo-sensitive products. Sercalia


For best performance, freeze your ice packs at -20 ° С durring at least 24 hours before use. Non-toxic. Non-stain. Approved for air and maritime catching.

Vol.(CC) Meas. (mm) units/box Boxes/ Palet Units/ palet
200 75x21X165 36 84 3.024
400 93x30X166 21 84 1.764
600 117x37X180 14 84 1.176
900 143x36X180 12 84 1.008
1000 150x43x182 24 40 960
2000 190x40x280 5 80 400
4100 325x30X530 5 24 120


Freezer packs are supplied according to the packaging specifications abovementioned. If you want to consult, contact us here.

Ice pack. Cool pack. Ask for bugdet -Sercalia
Ice pack. Cool pack. Buy online at Conservatis

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