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Keep your indoor and outdoor windows protected and clean for longer.


Vetrosmart water repellent keeps glass surfaces protected and clean for longer. Use this water repellent glass treatment preventively to protect any type of glass surface and significantly reduce cleaning time.

Vetrosmart water repellent is an hydrophobic and anti-scale treatment based on high-performance nanoparticles that forms a protective film on the glass. Also it repels liquids and prevents the accumulation of lime and dirt.

You will notice the results with a single application of Vetrosmart. Treated glasses stay cleaner for at least 3 years and even up to 10 depending on the product used. Check out Vetrosmart product range to find the one that best suits your needs.


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Vetrosmart water repellent has a variety of applications. Some of them are:

  • Shower screens: one of the glass surfaces that is most often in contact with water. For this reason, it is very common for screens to have lime stains, soap residues, etc. Apply Vetrosmart products after cleaning or on your new screen. It greatly reduce the accumulation of lime and other residues.
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  • Windows: Atmospheric phenomena such as rain, snow or hail often leave water stains on exterior windows. Vetrosmart forms a protective film on the treated windows facilitating the removal of water and dirt by the action of the water dragging itself.
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  • Nautical windows: water and sea salt  wear out boat windows and reduce the visibility. Improve their exterior appearance and increase boat securty by applyng Vetrosmart to the glass surfaces of your boats. Vetrosmart treated glass makes the water droplets slide off the surface without leaving residue.
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  • Mirrors, curtain walls and any other glass surface.
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After the application, a completely transparent protective film is formed without modifying the appearance of the treated surface.
In addition, the drying of the film is ultra-fast and does not leave stains in its subsequent handling. Very easy to apply and resistant to common cleaning products.
Its approximate average perfomance is 50-60 m2 / l.
It can be stored for 12 months from manufacturing date in its original hermetic containers at temperature between 5 ° C and 30 ° C.

Before use, shake the container vigorously. Clean and dry the  glass surface to be treated thoroughly.

You can apply the product with:
Manual spray: apply and distribute the product on the surface with a paper, microfiber cloth  or similar. Avoid using cloths that leave residues uring use. Then polish the surface with a dry cloth to remove any visible product residue and make sure the glass is completely transparent.
Spray gun: Easy to apply with any spray gun, without the need for special safety measures. Apply the product on the surface evenly, either one layer with more quantity or 2 thinner layers.



VETROSMART is presented in 3 variants:

VETROSMART: offers a certified durability of 10 years for professional application on new glass – 1 Liter and 5 Liter formats.
VETROSMART ECONOMY: Offers 5 year durability for professional application on new glass – 125ml and 500ml formats.
VETROEASY: offers 3-year durability for professional application on new glass – 500 ml and 1 Liter formats.

Choose the best solution for your use by contacting us.

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