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Changes in humidity during transport or storage lead to deterioration in artistic and cultural products. Using Artsorb moisture stabilizers it is possible to maintain the RH between 50% and 75% depending on the method used.

Description of Artsorb Moisture Stabilizer

Artsorb Moisture Stabilizers allow you to control relative humidity by keeping it at a desired value between 65 and 75% (or 50% using the stabilizer sheets). Due to its large internal surface and the ability to absorb and emanate water vapor from the environment, Artsorb is able to maintain a stable high relative humidity. It also contains lithium chloride as an additive that allows it to reduce humidity in environments with higher values. The entire humidity stabilization process is carried out without sudden changes in humidity.

Artsorb is recommended for use in museum cabinets, artwork frames, or other storage spaces for the preservation of delicate items highly sensitive to changes in humidity. It is an ideal product to respond satisfactorily to the needs of museum curators.

Depending on the application you want to give the product, it is presented in different forms that adapt to all needs. You can find Artsorb in cassettes, bags, in sheets, or in bulk.


Artsorb humidity stabilizers can be used in all those closed spaces where a stable high humidity value must be maintained, without fluctuations. Some of the most common applications are the following:

  • Conservation Sector Works of Art and Cultural Assets: Allows active climate control
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Capital Goods Sector
  • High value-added freight transport
  • Military industry
  • Construction


estabilizador de humedad artsorb - cassette
estabilizador de humedad artsorb - bolsas
estabilizador de humedad artsorb - hojas
estabilizador de humedad artsorb a granel

Artsorb specifications

  Cassettes Bags Sheets Bulk
Materials Silica gel and lithium chloride. PE and PP cassettes Silica gel and lithium chloride. TYVEK1073 and LDPE bags PE and PP sheets impregnated with silica gel and lithium chloride Silica gel and lithium chloride
Bulk density 500 g/L 500 g/L 500 g/L 500 g/L
Pore volume 0,8 ml/g 0,8 ml/g 0,8 ml/g 0,8 ml/g
Granular size 1,5 – 4 mm 1,5 – 4 mm 1,5 – 4 mm 1,5 – 4 mm
Dimensions 335 x 110 x 43 mm 335 x 142 x 25 mm 500 x 500 x 1,8 mm

750 g Artsorb

Cassettes between 1175 – 1290 g

400 g Artsorb

100 g Artsorb

Sheets 160 g

Bags up to 5 kg

Buckets since 5 kg



Artsorb Moisture Stabilizers can be supplied in different forms for predetermined relative humidities of 50% or between 65% and 75%. Cassettes and bags are the easiest methods to handle, replace, recondition and they are dust resistant. The cassettes can be supplied in two sizes of 400g and 750g. The bags only have a size of 400g. We also offer Artsorb in the form of custom made sheets for flat display cases and picture frames. These are 160g with an Artsorb amount of 100g per sheet. Lastly, you can also buy the product in bulk to fill your containers and trays.

Choose the best solution which fits your needs by contacting us here, or by consulting our online store.

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