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For Moisture, Oxygen and Ethylene

Protecting your products with different types of Absorbers: Silica Gel, Desiccant (desiccant clay , Green Desiccant or Eco-sustainable Desiccant Clay), Molecular Sieve, Home Moisture Desiccant, moisture absorbers for shipping containers, Moisture Stabilizers, Oxygen Absorbers, Ethylene Absorbent, Odor and Volatiles, and Electricity and Waves solutions .

Silica gel. Silica gel packets. Absorbers - Sercalia

Silica Gel

Silica Gel is produced with amorphous silica and comes in the form of a semi-transparent hard granule. It has a great ability to absorb moisture and varies depending on environmental conditions.

It improves the protection of the products against possible damages due to humidity, decreasing the dew point in the packaging during transport or storage. Thanks to this the product retains its quality, stability and properties of use that the humidity could modify, vary or destroy.

The supply is made both in bulk and in silica gel packets or practical silica gel sachets. It is also possible to supply tissue that meets the FDA. Thanks to its small size it occupies very little space inside the packaging.

Desiccant. Bentonite. Desiccant bags. Abosrbers - Sercalia

Desiccant Clay

Desiccant clay or bentonite is a natural desiccant product that is activated by specific drying conditions. The drying agent has a great ability to absorb moisture when activated, varying as Silica Gel according to environmental conditions.

The clays and their tissues are selected to guarantee the quality of their products in terms of resistance and high levels of adsorption.

Desiccant can be supplied in desiccant bags, chains and panels with standard fabric or in compliance with the FDA. On request it is also possible to include a humidity indicator on the packaging to know when to replace the desiccant.

desiccant bags

Eco-sustainable Desiccant Clay

Green desiccant for absorption are an effective and safe solution to avoid damage caused by variations in humidity and temperature during the transport and storage of your products.

A natural desiccant produced with natural raw materials and a biodegradable nonwoven fabric, they are perfect for protecting and reducing the level of humidity in the packaging while respecting the environment.

molecular sieve. Zeolite. Desiccant. Abosrbeurs - Sercalia

Molecular Sieve

The molecular sieve is obtained synthetically from zeolite compounds. It is not just a traditional desiccant or moisture absorbent but has other types of applications as a filter of different chemical substances.

This desiccant is ideal when there is a need to adsorb moisture very quickly, since this drying agent absorbs molecules based on the principle of polarity difference due to electrostatic attraction as they have a uniform porous structure that allows the separation of the molecules by size.

It is supplied in desiccant bags or desiccant bags for disposal in packaging.

Desiccant. Calcium chloride. Drying agent. Sercalia

Home Moisture Desiccant Tray

Desiccant. Calcium chloride. A product specially designed for the problems of humidity in closed habitable places: houses, basements, garages, caravans, cars, boats, cabinets, etc. It is placed in places with little ventilation in which there is usually humidity due to some filtration problem, condensation or any other reason that is generating humidity other reasons.

The Sanidry product allows to absorb that unpleasant moisture leaving the spaces dry. It is presented in trays with calcium chloride inside (it is the desiccant product) and covered with a membrane that does not pass the liquid that will form inside. It has to be replenished as soon as the tray is full of water, pouring the liquid inside the toilet.

Container desiccant. Calcium chloride. Moisture absorbers for shipping containers

Maritime Container Desiccant

Moisture absorbers for shipping containers. Calcium chloride. Anti-condensation dehydrating system able to reduce the relative humidity keeping it below the dew point. The product used to dry is a mixture of Calcium Chloride and minerals.

With this system the excess moisture is eliminated protecting the load and preventing the formation of mold, moisture stains, corrosion, detachment of labels and other consequences of moisture during the transport and storage phases.

Easy to install and thanks to the chain version the application time is reduced to a few minutes.

Oxygen absorbers. Ageless oxygen absorber. Sercalia

Oxygen Absorbers

Oxygen absorbers allow to extend the life of your products. Thanks to the oxygen absorption of the containers, the food remains in a nitrogen atmosphere with the consequent survival of the properties of the food for a longer time.

Oxygen absorber packets are composed of iron that oxidizes the oxygen inside the containers.

Its use is convenient in many foods such as meats, pastries, cooked products, bulk products, nuts, pharmaceutical principles and other foods.

Humidifier. Humidity control. Humidity stabilizer.. Sercalia

Humidity Stabilizer. Humidifier

Humidity control. Humidity stabilizer allows moisture to be absorbed or emitted in order to maintain relative humidity inside a closed space at a constant value. This humidifier is a very versatile product since it can be used both for the preservation of food and pharmaceutical products, for the conservation of works of art and archives, or for any other industrial application where it is required to keep the products at a constant humidity.

The humidity can be maintained by the Propadyn product at a specific value chosen by the client, within the range between 30% and 80% relative humidity. The duration of the stabilizing effect can be extended for months or even years, depending on the needs or expiration date of the products.

Ethylene absorber.  Ethylene absorber sachets. Ethylene. Sercalia

Ethylene absorber

The ethylene absorber allows the preservation of various foods to be lengthened by controlling the ripening speed of the same.

With the placement of ethylene absorbent, the fruits, vegetables and packaged flowers lengthen their shelf life by eliminating the ethylene that emanates from them once it has been collected. Ethylene gas is the cause of the rapid maturation of many fruits, vegetables and flowers, so their absorption allows to extend the life of these foods.

It can be used in various parts of the distribution process, even from origin, in order to control and retard the natural maturation of food as much as possible.

Odor absorber. Odour control. Absorbers - Sercalia

Odor absorber

Odor absorber of odors and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) allows to improve the air conditions and improve the environment of the different spaces of your home or your industry.

Unpleasant odors are a drawback to the well-being of your home and your business. Nowadays there are a proliferation of products that try to eliminate undesirable odors by adding other perfumed odors. On the other hand, we offer a proven system to absorb the odor, making it disappear and thus sanitizing the space in which it places the odor absorber. With these products, a pure, fresh environment free of suspended particles is achieved.

Dirty electricity.  Electricity and Waves. Absorbers - Sercalia

Electricity and Waves

Dirty electricity interferes with the proper functioning of electronic devices and at the same time also in the natural electrical processes within the human body. So this dirty electricity can be the cause of numerous health problems.

In Sercalia we offer different products to achieve healthier environments, which allow you to significantly reduce harmonics and voltage transients in the domestic power grid. As well, reduce artificial voltages and dangerous currents for the human body transmitted in the environment.

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