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Transport of machinery pieces requires a high protection against environmental conditions to ensure its quality.

The movement of parts and components in the industrial machinery sector requires the protection of these parts during the supply chain, ensuring that in the storage, manipulation and assembly of the machinery each of the components is in perfect condition.

The usual problems are humidity and corrosion, so the protection of these agents is usually the desired solution. Corrosion is one of the main hazards of metal parts, so a moisture protection inside the packaging is nedeed using different methods: absorbing moisture (with desiccants); preventing corrosion (with VCI products) or insulating the merchandise from the outside (with high strength film or aluminum).

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Our Products

moisture Absorbent

Moisture desiccants

Humidity is one of the causes of the degradation of the pieces during their storage and transport. Moisture absorbing products and in particular the desiccant clay is used to remove moisture in the packaging of capital goods. More info.


VCI protection machinery

VCI Products

VCI is a corrosion inhibitor that creates a small protective film on the metal elements preventing the start of the corrosion process. Depending on the type of element to be protected, the following VCI impregnated products can be used: paper, standard or high strength plastic film, bags with or without zip closure, diffusers and sponges. More info.


Aluminum film

Aluminum Film

It is the material with the best properties for the protection of any product. It does not allow moisture or light into the packaging. When the goal is to securely protect a product for time, it is the ideal material. More info.


VCI High Strength Polyethylene Film - Coils and Bags

High Resistance Film

A high-strength plastic film, which can either be impregnated with VCI or not. It allows to protect sharp products or that can be deteriorated during the manipulation. It is a much more resistant plastic than the thermotractile usually used, and more economical than the aluminum. More info.


Humidity indicator

Humidity Indicators

Moisture indicators allow you to control the range of humidity inside a package during the time it is stored or transported. This way you can control the humidity from the outside. More info.


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