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The Timestrip Food and Seafood temperature indicators allow to control the increases in temperature and the loss of nutritional properties in the products of the food sector during transport and storage. Ideal for fresh fish and seafood.

Description of fish and seafood temperature indicators

FoodTemp and Seafood temperature indicators for fish and seafood allow to know if your products have been exposed to high temperatures that could be harmful for them. This information can be of vital importance for food safety, for the control of the cold chain and for long-term shipments, such as fresh fish and shellfish, among others, as their nutritional properties and good condition in which they are maintained depends, mainly, on the storage temperature. Timestrip Food temperature indicators are irreversible, remain inert until they are activated and have no special storage or shipping requirements.

To activate these indicators it is necessary to press the activation button and wait for the confirmation window to be filled with blue color, showing that the indicator is active and is already sensitive to the increase in temperature (“ON”). Once pressed, the activation confirmation window will fill with color, which shows that the indicator is “ON” and is already sensitive to the increase in temperature. Thanks to the adhesive part on the back of the Timestrip Food temperature indicators, these can be fixed directly to your product. After the temperature exceeds the maximum depending on the indicator used, the second window will gradually be filled according to the time the product has been exposed to that temperature or higher.

Among the different temperature indicators for the food sector that we offer there is the Timestrip Seafood, which is guarantees quality in the temperature control of fish and seafood packaged with reduced oxygen (ROP). The Timestrip Seafood is a temperature indicator developed with the FDA that limits the temperature to 3ºC to control the growth of the non-proteolytic microorganism Clostridium botulinum and the formation of botulinum toxins.


The Timestrip Food and Seafood temperature indicators are ideal for controlling food that may have their nutritional properties modified due to being exposed to sudden changes in the storage temperature.

These indicators are used mainly in:

  • Transportation and storage of fresh seafood, clams and oysters.
  • Cold chain for the transport of fresh fish.
  • Transportation and storage of other fresh foods.

In Sercalia we also offer specific temperature indicators to control the temperature of the blood in its transport and storage in blood banks and hospitals or to control the increases or decreases in temperature of a wide variety of products during transport and storage.

Specifications of the fish and seafood temperature indicators

Product Image Temperature range Time range Measure Application
Seafood 3ºC 3ºC / 37ºF 2 – 4 hours 35 x 19 mm Botulinum toxin formation control in shellfish
Food Temp 5ºC 5ºC / 41ºF 2 – 4 hours 35 x 19 mm Fresh fish and other foods
Food Temp 8ºC 8ºC / 46ºF 2 – 4 hours 35 x 19 mm Fresh fish and other foods
Food Temp 10ºC 10ºC / 50ºF 2 – 4 hours 35 x 19 mm Oysters, fresh clams and other foods


The Timestrip FoodTemp and Seafood temperature indicators for fish and seafood are supplied in boxes of 100 or 500 units. Request a quote according to your needs here.


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Temperature indicator Timestrip Seafood for fish and seafood
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