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Silica Gel is a desiccant with large moisture absorption. Using Silica Gel allows protection of the products during transport and storage thanks to its high porosity which absorbs excess moisture in the packaging, ensuring product quality.

What is Silica Gel – Basic properties

Silica Gel is silicon dioxide in a translucent granular form. It has a high porosity allowing it to absorb excess moisture in confined spaces.
Depending on the conditions of relative humidity and temperature to which the product is exposed more or less able to absorb moisture. Thus, at high temperatures the absorption capacity of the desiccant silica gel low.

Widely used to protect products from damage by moisture, during transport and during storage thereof. With the introduction of silica gel within the packaging prevents possible degradation or deterioration of those likely to have changes in the presence of ambient moisture products.

It is definitely an ideal place to ensure the quality of goods during shipping or stockpiles in warehouses, can guarantee the condition of the product upon arrival at destination or after their stay in stock product.

Because it is a non-toxic and non-corrosive product, it is used for many applications in several sectors.


Use of Silica Gel

It can be used in any application that needs an absorption of humidity, both in packaging and closed spaces. The common feature is that the areas in which the gel used must be confined, as otherwise absorb ambient moisture with consequent saturation product.

Currently used in the following industries:

  • Food industry (can be in direct contact with food through a special fabric bag)
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Textile, leather, fur, etc.
  • Technology sector
  • Chemical industry
  • Medical equipments
  • Optical instruments (photographic material)
  • Technical equipments
  • Flower drying silica gel
  • Horticulture (dried plants, flowers and seeds)
  • Pets

Widely used for export, transport or storage of food or pharmaceutical products, as there is the possibility of placing the Silica Gel in direct contact with food or active ingredients using bags that meet the requirements of FDA (with bags Tyvek) type.

Find more information about applications in our blog post: Why silica gel.




Silica Gel Specifications

Absorption capacity: 23 ± 2% of its own weight at an ambient temperature of 23 ° C and relative humidity of 40%.
desiccant material: amorphous silica dioxide. Silica gel can be used with a substance that changes color, can recognize when the bag can no longer absorb moisture and, therefore, must be replaced (orange = active / green = exhausted).
Principal chemical and physical characteristics:

 pH (10% solution):  3,5-6,0
 Conductivity (10% solution): <0,3 s/m
 Water-soluble substances:  <=2%
 Size: 0,25-6,3 mm
 Residual moisture (120º): <2%
Silica gel packets
Desiccant silica gel Bag - Tyvek
Silica gel sachets
Use of silica gel, Micro Silica Gel for leather
Silica Gel Orange, silica gel 1kg
Silica gel capsules


Silica Gel Supplies

Silica Gel supply bags and bags micros (both single, in chains or panels), capsules or bulk.


1.- SILICA GEL PACKETS:  Silica gel sachets, are the most usual format, in different weights according to the following table:
DIN-MIL NFH Net weight (gr) Size bags (mm) Size bags Tyvek (mm)
64 UD 4 UD 1920 200×350 No realizable
32 UD 2 UD 960 200×240 No realizable
16 UD 1 UD 480 160×220 160×230
8 UD 1/2 UD 240 160×160 160×230
4 UD 1/4 UD 120 95×150 95×160
2 UD 1/8 UD 60 95×120 95×130
1 UD 1/16 UD 30 70×130 70×140
1/2 UD 1/32 UD 15 70×100 70×110
1/3 UD 1/50 UD 10 70×85 70×95
1/6 UD 1/100 UD 5 40×85 / 55×85 40×95 / 55×95
Each package contains silica desiccant bags inside a moisture indicator 8% to check the quality of the bags.
It is also possible to place a humidity indicator spot in each of the bags to check the saturation of the product inside the bag. The stain is green when the silica gel is active and brown when saturated.


2.- SILICA MICRO BAGS: The same Silica gel bags but small formats, according to the following table:
Net weight (gr) Size bags (mm)
1 38×21
1,5 43×25
2 47×26
3 55×26

The MICRO dessicants packs format can also be supplied in rolls or chains, depending on customer needs.

Another option is to supply the product  ready to be in direct contact with food or pharmaceutical ingredients, in compliance with FDA regulations. In this case the product is bagged in Tyvek grade material (bag calling Class B).


3.- SILICA CAPSULES: A presentation format and product supply low weight, useful for small spaces. Available in different sizes and weights, according to the following table:

Net weight (gr) Size: diametre x height (mm)
0,5 13,8 x 10,5
1 18,1 x 11,0
2  24,8 x 11,0
3 30,6 x 10,5
30 63,0 x 18,5

Silica gel in capsules allows placement in plastic containers such as bottles or cans, allowing save space without losing absorbent capacity. One face of the capsule is moisture absorbent tissue product while the rest is polypropylene.

4.- BULK: Another way to supply silica gel, both white and silica gel orange. The white product indicates no moisture absorption, whereas the orange product changes color when saturated with moisture. It comes in boxes of 25 kg of the product, with the following granulometry:

  • Bulk Orange 2-5 mm: Change from orange (active) to green (saturated)
  • Orange bulk 1.5 to 2 mm: Change color orange (active) to transparent (saturated)
  • Bulk White 2-4 mm: No color change

You can consult us the suitable format for your needs here.

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