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Aluminum is an ideal material for packaging and conservation. In Sercalia we offer aluminum films and bags for your products.

Aluminum has always been a widely used material for food packaging, the construction sector or in the freight transport sector. One of its most outstanding properties, which gives it importance in these sectors, is its high barrier effect. This material protects the product from the entry of oxygen and light. It is also a lightweight, waterproof, hard to break material, fire resistant and easy to handle, among many other qualities.

The film and bags we offer at Sercalia are used to protect your goods from humidity and environmental conditions. The protection system offered by this product (through laminates of metallized plastics, Kraft with aluminum, etc.) serves to optimize the protection against humidity, light and radiation, odors, taste, discoloration, external contamination and mechanical impacts. They also protect the value of your product, optimize packaging times, storage and transport costs and minimize claims for product damage.

The products manufactured with this material are designed for the following industrial sectors: pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, high technology, electronic, medical / diagnostic equipment, chemical, art and conservation, music / digital, etc.

You can check the type of product that suits your company best according to its characteristics:

Aluminium barrier foil
Aluminium barrier foil

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