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Insulated folding box packaging for refrigerated transport. Save more than 80% space in your warehouse.

Description of Insulated Box 

Lipbox Insulated box is a foldable and stackable isothermal packaging for refrigerated transport of products at controlled temperatures.

These insulated boxes are made of extruded polystyrene covered with a layer of aluminum film up to 5mm thick. They are water-repellent and recyclable boxes. Its design allows greater insulation with reduced thermal conductivity.Therefore, isothermal folding boxes are as efficient as expanded polystyrene and as practical as cardboard.

The great advantage of isothermal boxes is they can be stored stacked and folded. As a result, they allow a reduction in storage space of 80%.  Likewise , they reduce transport pallet size by 20%.

In addition, you will save on costs and handling time thanks to its easy and agile assembly.


Applications of Insulated boxes 

Insulated boxes are used for refrigerated transport in pharma sector in different conditions of temperature and time:

  • Reagents, vaccines, insulin, pharmaceutical and biotechnological products at temperatures of between + 2 ° С ~ + 8 ° С, in conventional transport (environmental) – up to 36 hours.
  • Vaccines, insulin, biotechnology, between + 2 ° С ~ + 8 ° С, in refrigerated transport with cold breaks – up to 1 week.
  • Pharmaceutical products in transport at environmental temperature that cannot exceed + 25ºC – 48 hours.
  • Pharmaceutical products in transport at environmental t that cannot drop below 15ºC for 48 hours.


Specifications of isothermal boxes

Wide variety of formats, with thicknesses of 3, 4 or 5 mm. More than 200 standard measurements available.

On demand, you can customize measurements, all types of closures (FEFCO) and customer’logo  and design can be prineted. Likewise, double-walled boxes, 10mm (5 × 2mm) can be made.

Isothermal Folding Boxes
Isothermal lipbox
 lipbox isothermal folding box



Capacity Vol. (l)


 Internal measurememnts  (mm) Thickness
FEFCO Min. Consum.
2.70 205x118x110 4 204 250
12 300x200x200 4,5 204 240
11 290X190X200 9 204+F904 480
18 320x235x240 4,5 201 220
17 311X226X240 9 201+F904 745
30 400x300x250 4,5 204 125
28 390X290X250 9 204+F904 130
54 420x315x410 54,5 204 96

Supplied according to the packaging specifications above mentioned. If you want to consult, contact us here.


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