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The shock indicators allow to check the impacts received by the packaging and control the incorrect use of fragile or sensitive products during transport and handling.

Shock indicators detect incorrect handling during transport and handling of packaging. It is presented in adhesive label or device format.

The impact indicators are composed of a small tube with a red liquid in suspension. If the product suffers an impact higher than a specific G level, it releases the red liquid that stains the tube irreversibly, thus preventing damage to all types of goods during transport and handling.

You can also combine the analysis of the shocks with the registration of them with Data Loggers.

shock indicators - sercalia


ShockDot - impact sercalia


ShockDot provides a cost-effective solution with the highest indicator range to determine mismanagement, warning operators that their shipment requires additional care and reducing costs related to damage due to impacts.

Shockwatch 2 - impact sercalia

Shockwatch 2

Device similar to the previous one but improved, since it is activated when hooked on the packaging, thus ensuring its good conservation until the moment of use. It is also easily locatable thanks to the unique serial number of each device. Available in 7 sensitivity levels (75 G, 50 G, 37 G, 25 G, 15 G, 10 G and 5 G), identified with 7 different colors. The most used is also yellow (25 G).

Shockwatch - impact sercalia


Label to be placed on the packaging to monitor impact handling. Available in 5 levels of standard sensitivity (100 G, 75 G, 50 G, 37 G and 25 G), identified with 5 different colors. The most used is yellow (25 G).

MAG 2000 - shock indicator - sercalia

MAG 2000

Ideal device for large boxes and for shipments over 225 Kg (500 lbs). Other applications would be containers, train cars or truck trailers. It is an economical product, reusable and prepared by an anti-tamper key. It works by magnetism showing the angle of the impact. The range of sensitivity is from 0.5 to 20 G. The most used is the 5 G.

Shockwatch Flex - hits detector Sercalia

Shockwatch Flex

New product of Shockwatch with the particularity that adapts to curved or irregular surfaces. It is also made tamper proof. It can be placed inside the product or outside.

Shockwatch Clip - impact indicator Sercalia

Shockwatch Clip

Device very similar to the Shockwatch but in small dimensions. It allows placing them directly on the product or elements that compose it to monitor their possible impacts during the different phases of the production process, from manufacturing to use by the end customer. Available in different sensitivities.

Shockwatch Tube - impact indicator Sercalia

Shockwatch Tube

Designed to be used in small spaces, giving the possibility of integrating it in the design of the product.

Shock Fuse - hit indicator Sercalia

Shock Fuse

Shock Fuse is a small, single-use indicator that can be hidden inside a small box or product to help identify mishandling during shipping or storage. The Shock Fuse single-direction impact indicator is designed with a set of steel balls attached by a spring that when they receive an impact that exceeds the pre-set G level, they fall off and fall in a visible way.

Omni-G - Shock indicators Sercalia


The Omni-G is a resettable shock indicator that provides an immediate indication of possible hidden damage. It is the most popular low cost reusable impact detector on the market.

Omni-GWS - Shock indicator


Omni-GWS is weather resistant with stainless steel components to protect against salty atmosphere and moisture during shipping and prolonged storage or aggressive environment environments. They can be used hundreds of times with the reset clips included.

Trans-Monitor - impact


Trans-Monitor is an economic indicator, double-axis and single-use. It is designed with two sets of stainless steel balls, spring-loaded, calibrated to withstand pre-set G-impacts. This system makes it a very accurate indicator.

Trans-Monitor TD - impact Sercalia

Trans-Monitor TD

Trans-Monitor TD indicates the exact date and time of an impact, identifying when there was an excessive impact during the transport cycle. It is an indicator of economic impact, of double axis and of a single use. Very used because it gives information about when the first impact occurred.

Protect-A-Pack - Shock Sercalia


Protect-A-Pak is one of the most used, double-axle, low-cost shock indicators most used in the world. Indicates visually that the merchandise may have suffered hidden damage and reduces the incidence of damage by generating awareness that the package is being controlled.

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