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Desiccant cartridges protect your instrumentation, optical or electronic equipment from moisture, corrosion and microbial populations. Ideal for military, aviation applications in very waterproof environments.

Description of desiccant cartridges

The desiccant cartridges are filled with 4 Angstroms pore opening molecular sieve, a material that adsorbs residual moisture very quickly and manages to obtain environments with low relative humidity. Even so, molecular sieve of other pore opening measures or silica gel can also be used to refill desiccant cartridges.

To achieve an optimal effect, make sure that all the components to be dried are well sealed so that no moist air enters inside and the desiccant cartridges can perform their function correctly. Thus, it is very important that there is not the slightest hole through which air with water vapor can easily enter. On the other hand, it is also important that all components are clean, dry and do not contain residual moisture.

Desiccant cartridges come with a humidity indicator of 40% included in their upper part, so that you don’t have to remove the cartridge to know the relative humidity inside the area that is being dried. Finally, it is necessary to add that the capsules of the desiccant cartridges are made from a very resistant and impermeable plastic, polystyrene, a fact that facilitates the absorption of water vapor by the part made of cellulose, where inside the desiccant molecular sieve in question is found.



The main applications of desiccant cartridges are:

  • Optical instrumentation
  • Electronic instrumentation
  • Military applications
  • Aviation industry



    The shelf life of desiccant cartridges depends on the container where it is stored. If it is an aluminum can, it can last up to 60 months. In a polythene bag about 12 months and in a composite aluminum bag up to 24 months.

    Below is a table that specifies the different weights and dimensions of desiccant cartridges.


    NATO Stock-No. Nominal size Thread Minimum fill weight Installation length
    4440-12-158-5262 2,5 – 15 (transparent) M 16 x 1,5 mm 0,35 g molecular sieve 15mm
    4440-12-158-5263 5 – 25 (transparent) M 16 x 1,5 mm 0,7 g  molecular sieve 24mm
    4440-12-158-5264 10 – 50 (transparent) M 16 x 1,5 mm 1,5 g  molecular sieve 50mm
    4440-12-175-4087 10 – 17 (transparent) M  24 x 1,5 mm 1,7 g  molecular sieve 17mm
    4440-12-175-4086 25 – 16 (transparent) M 36 x 1,5 mm 3,5 g molecular sieve 16mm
    4440-12-175-4086 25 – 16 (transparent) M 36 x 1,5 mm 3,5 g molecular sieve 16mm
    4440-12-175-4086 25 – 16 (transparent) M 36 x 1,5 mm 3,5 g molecular sieve 16mm
    4440-12-175-4086 25 – 16 (transparent) M 36 x 1,5 mm 3,5 g molecular sieve 16mm
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    Cartuchos desecantes


    To ask any questions about desiccant cartridges, or to request a quote, contact us here.

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