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The anti rust VCI protection of metal components are produced by different types of materials impregnated with VCI: Paper, Film, Stretch Film, Polyethylene Film with Bubbles, Film Polyethylene High puncture resistance, Pills, diffusers and sponges.

The PROPATECH ANTI RUST VCI system is the safest and most appropriate for the protection of metal parts against damage from corrosion during transport and storage method.

The product range is designed and developed in one of the most advanced research laboratories in the world in the field of corrosion protection of metals.The VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) prevents the oxidation and resulting deterioration of a metal object on its surface in contact with the outside environment. To sublimate the VCI and spread within the packaging, forms a thin invisible layer capable of neutralizing the potential agents that can cause corrosion of metals, such as water vapor, the most common saline atmosphere, sulfurous gases and industrial and environmental contaminants in the air.Currently the VCI PROPATECH system is used by major industries worldwide, in various sectors highlighting the automobile and the steel industry and metallurgical company worldwide.

The fact that it is an easy, practical and economical solution promotes rapid acceptance by all sectors.The VCI additive is introduced into the still molten mass in phase of the film coextrusion. Then the additive sublimates of plastic, paper or pads to put together the metal product, protecting it from corrosion. Its main feature is the coextrusion of three layers, which ensures greater mechanical strength and directionality of the VCI molecules.

PROPATECH VCI has been developed with the aim of:

  • Protecting the quality of our customers’ products
  • Protect the health of users
  • Protecting the environment to be a recyclable product

The range of products with VCI replaces the old grease lubrication systems, impractical and highly polluting. Products are immediately ready for use, clean and in perfect condition, without wasting time on cleanup of oil or fat, dirty and aggressive environment. The scope VCI effect reaches a distance of about 30 cm, ensuring the anticorrosion protection throughout the environment where the metallic element is.

Choose the format that suits you best according to your needs:

VCI anti rust
VCI anti rust