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Protect goods in maritime transport by placing container desiccant trays in maritime containers as required.


The container desiccant trays can reduce the relative humidity in confined spaces keeping it below the dew point. They are composed of calcium chloride with other additives that give special features depending on the type of desiccant.

With the system is achieved PROPADRY remove excess humidity and condensation, mold stains moisture, corrosion, disengaged label and any degradation effect of moisture produced goods is avoided.

The container dessicant trays has the feature to absorb up to four times their own weight. The placement of it is simple, both hanging it on the walls of the container, on packages or by a string that makes optimal absorption and left in the point more condensation container. In no time you can leave the container protected against moisture, while it is safe and environmentally friendly.



Container Desiccants are used for maritime transport in sea containers during transport and storage of goods.

It is used in all industries, to preserve final products in good condition, such as:

  • Power Sector
  • Goods equipment sector
  • Goods with high added value
  • Crystal Export
  • Food export



Some features about container desiccants are:

  • Mono-directional microporous membrane ensures no loss of absorbed water
  • Quality guarantee of the goods received, not having been affected by the effects of water or humidity
  • Ease of positioning the product by chains

Does not contain DMF (Dimethylfumarate)



There are different products for use in shipping containers:

  • PROPADRY: It is the most widely used product. It has a membrane that allows water vapor to enter but not leave the water inside, so that the cycle of evaporation and condensation is cut
  • PROPADRY PLUS: It has the peculiarity of transforming the humidity in gel thanks to its additives. Once the water has become gel can not be re-evaporate, even by a possible break in the tray with the gel.
  • PROPADRY MINI: Option to use in small spaces. Plus version also available on request.
  • PROPADRY CHAIN: Designed to optimize the time of placement within the container. Plus version also available on request.
  • PROPACONTAINER: In this case the moisture is absorbed by a bag containing a mixture of calcium chloride and mineral.

Choose the best for you or talk with us.

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