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PharmaKeep is a type of absorber that allows dual absorption of oxygen and moisture.



PharmaKeep is a special type of absorber that can absorb both oxygen and moisture. It can prevent oxidation and hydrolysis in pharmaceuticals and help protect oxygen sensitive medical devices and equipment. PharmaKeep’s dual absorption of oxygen and moisture at the same time is what makes it so useful and special. Conventional oxygen absorbers require moisture for oxygen absorption creating a potential problem for dry medicine. PharmaKeep is suitable for dry medications and pharmaceuticals because it does not need moisture for oxygen absorption to begin. Bag and container styles are available for use with any number of bottles and containers of different sizes.



PharmaKeep oxygen absorber has different applications in the healthcare sector.

  • Medicine
    • Pills and capsules
    • Powder
  • Medical devices
    • Catheters
    • Medical Exam Kits
    • Diagnosis
    • Other medical devices



PharmaKeep offers two different styles, bottle and envelope, for use with a wide variety of different sized containers.
Most normal oxygen absorbers need moisture to start reacting, so there is usually moisture built into the package. This moisture helps the absorber begin to absorb, but also transfers a small amount of moisture to the product it is protecting. In the case of pharmaceutical products, it is extremely important to keep the product dry. PharmaKeep does not have that problem, since it is self-reactive and does not need moisture to absorb oxygen.



PharmaKeep is also available in roll form, which allows a quick and effective dispensing of any quantity of products.
You can consult with us the ideal format for your needs here.


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