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Most data logger: have complete control over your supply in an economical way.

Most data logger reduces the risk of damage and optimizes your transport thanks to its efficiency and profitability.

Monitor your load at any time with the Most data logger in an economical, simple and efficient way

The Most data logger provides updates in real time about all external influences that affect your cargo. From the departure to the arrival. This information of high precision, easily accessible and evaluated, will allow you to reduce the risk of damage and optimize all your next transports. It is one of the most economical high performance recorders in the market.

The Most data logger continuously uploads data to the Internet via a 2G network connection and automatically backs up to the cloud. This allows for well-informed decisions based on real-time updates, offering unprecedented potential for business development.

Its operation is very simple: with access to the Most website, you can locate your registered one and consult in real time all the related data (geo-positioning, temperature, humidity, light and impact) and make the relevant decisions to be made at destination if you have There was an incident during transportation.

Advantages of the Most register:

  • Data control 24/7
  • Transparency with all the actors
  • Higher quality and safety
  • It allows a proactive action
  • Eliminate human errors
  • Increase the potential for benefits
  • Economic price
  • Location of your merchandise by geolocation in a radius of 5 km in areas with GSM network

The Most data logger device has the following properties:

  • Activation with a single press
  • Battery 100 days autonomy
  • Reusable and rechargeable
  • 4 digital sensors: temperature, light, humidity and impact
  • Location updates through the GSM network
  • Pre-calibrated for superior precision
  • The robustness of the antenna Most allows monitoring any environment
  • Continuous data upload through the GSM network

The control panel of Most data logger has the following properties:

  • Intuitive mobile interface
  • No installation of software or devices
  • 100% web platform to avoid data loss
  • Share device data
  • Custom reports with a single press
  • Alarms and notifications by email and SMS


The main applications to control the load with the Most data logger, both in land and sea transport, are:

  • Merchandise transports
  • Great Consumption
  • Feeding
  • Drinks
  • Chemical products
  • Pharmacist
  • Electronics
  • Logistics
  • Building
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Most Registrador
Most Registrador
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GSM Network

Quad band GSM

850/900/1800/1900 MHz

GPRS Data connectivity

Location update every hour

SIM Global data roaming
Battery tipe & life


100 days’ use

3 months’ storage

Charging interface USB-C

Attaches with double-sided tape on the back side of the device.

Device should be attached close to doors .

Alarm function Programmable high and low limits; alarm is triggered when measurement exceeds set limits
Start-up options Manual push botton
Typical dimensions

Diameter: 125 mm

Thickness: 30 mm

Weight 220 g

Quality assurance CE/FCC

Temperature and humidity sensor NIST traceable

Computer/mobile interface Easy access to your data
Water resistance IP54 = splash proof
Sales pack Packaged in 10-device sales pack
API interations REST and PUSH service (JSON SOAP or XML)
Digital light sensor Triggered by light
Digital temperature sensor

Default 60 mins measurement and data-sending interval.

Upload can be adjusted.

Temperature measurement range: -20°C to 55°C

Temperature accuracy range: ±0.3°C over full temperature measurement range

Resolution: 0.015


External digital temperature sensr interface (probe ready)

Default 60 mins measurement and data-sending interval.

Upload can be adjusted.

Digital interface using I2C and interrupt for waking up system

USB-C connector

Digital humidity sensor

Default 60 mins measurement and data-sending interval.

Upload can be adjusted.

Humidity measurement range: 0% to 100% RH

Humidity sensor accuracy range: ±2% RH from 0 to 90% ±3% RH from 90 to100%

Relative humidity resolution: 0.01% RH

Digital shock sensor

Default 60 mins measurement and data-sending interval.

Upload can be adjusted.

3-axis G-sensor

Programmable alert levels From control panel, including: light, temperature, humidity and shock sensors.


Most data loggers are supplied by units. There is the possibility of making annual or semi-annual contracts with monthly payments for the use of the Most register. Check with us this option.

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