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AGELESS OMAC helps liquid and pasta-based foods stay fresh for long periods of time.



AGELESS OMAC is the next step in a line of quality oxygen absorbing products. After many years of research following the steps of AGELESS, the AGELESS OMAC oxygen absorbing film was created. Instead of having a bag to place in a package, AGELESS OMAC makes the package absorbent.

AGELESS OMAC was originally developed to help liquid and pasta-based foods stay fresh for long periods of time after heat treatment, such as boiling or retorting. After several tests, it was discovered that the products did not have to be heat treated to begin absorbing oxygen. It was also discovered that AGELESS OMAC would work not only with liquid products as originally planned, but that products with a water activity as low as 0.5 can also be protected effectively.

AGELESS OMAC is the next step in oxygen absorption technology that can be used with wet products such as baked goods to soups and liquid-based sauces.


The AGELESS OMAC oxygen absorber has many applications in different sectors:

  • Food
  • Soup
  • Curry
  • Prefabricated sauces
  • Fruit preserved in juice



The AGELESS OMAC oxygen absorbing film was originally designed for use with products that have high water activity and would undergo a heat treatment to accelerate the oxygen absorption process.

After further testing and changing the sealant layer, it was discovered that AGELESS OMAC would also work with products that only had medium-level water activity and that heat treatment such as retort was no longer necessary. This discovery has opened AGELESS OMAC to many new applications.



AGELESS OMAC is also available in roll form, which allows a quick and effective dispensing of any quantity of products. You can consult with us the ideal format for your needs here.


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