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AGELESS is the ideal solution to absorb excess oxygen from its packaged products.



AGELESS is the oldest and most effective oxygen absorber on the market. It creates an oxygen-free atmosphere and turns out to be more effective than gas injectors or any other conventional vacuum packaging method.

 AGELESS oxygen absorbers are easy to use and extend the shelf life of their products, as well as maintaining the taste, color, fragrance and nutritional properties of freshly prepared foods. Thanks to this oxygen absorber, wet products are protected from mildew and those that are high in oils and fats are safe from rancidity.

A flagship product in the food sector, the AGELESS oxygen absorber also provides effective solutions in the industrial and pharmaceutical sectors.




AGELESS oxygen absorber has many applications in different sectors:

  • Food:
    o Dried meat
    o Omelettes
    o Processed meats
    o Baked products
    o Nuts and dried fruits
    o Pet food
    o Storaged food
    o Seafood
    o Coffee and tea
  • Health:
    o Supplements and multivitamins
    o Pre-filled syringes
    o Medical devices
    o Eye drops
  • Industry
    o Membrane elements
    o Fabrics
  • Art & Culture
    o Books
    o Tapestries
    o Textiles
    o Fabrics



There are a variety of different types of AGELESS, each created with a specific task in mind.


Type Feature Applications Water Activity Driving time
ZPT Standard iron type Wide variety
Dried meat
Baked products
Pet snacks
0-0.95 4 hours
(Aw 0.65-0.95)
1 hour
(Aw less than 0.65)
SS Type of rapid reaction Baked products
Frozen food
0.65-0.95 1 hour
E Type of oxygen and carbon dioxide absorption Coffee 0.3 or less 4 hours
GL Organic iron type Products that pass through a metal detector 0.3 – 0.95 1 hour
GT Absorbs oxygen / discharges the same amount of carbon dioxide Products that are sensitive to the reduction of a package 0.3 – 0.9 1 hour
oxygen absorbers AGELESS


AGELESS is also available in roll form, which allows a quick and effective dispensing of any quantity of products. You can consult with us the ideal format for your needs here.

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