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Eco-Bionizers a 4-stage air treatment system, filtration, purification, ionization and energization of the environment, in your home and office. Kill viruses and bacteria without ozone!

Description of the Eco-Bionizers

Inspired by nature, Eco-Bionizers regenerate the environment in a completely natural, healthy and safe way. Today, care, maintenance and disinfection of environments is necessary and essential to minimize the presence of viruses and bacteria that can be found in the air we breathe and on the surfaces we touch.

Some actions for disinfecting affected spaces needs the total absence of people. That is why the eco-bionizers have been developed with a highly innovative and safe system, even in the presence of people.

In nature we observe how the ionization of the air acts on the environment. During a thunderstorm, for example, large amounts of negative ions and ozone are found. The presence of these elements in the air has important disinfecting properties. Also, in a cascade an ionization process is created, although more balanced. For this reason, it is highly recommended to increase the well-being of people, animals and plants. If it is also in a green environment, it generates a considerable power recharging function.

Eco-bionizers were designed inspired by this principle. They are bipolar, which means that they emit clusters or groups of positive and negative ions that can incorporate viruses and bacteria. Thus, when incorporated, they deactivate and precipitate if caught in the air, or deactivate directly on surfaces when the groups are oriented, thus deactivating viruses and bacteria. This process is performed in a natural balance between positive and negative ions, without ozone emission, making the air purified, clean and the sea perfectly breathable, as if we were in a forest with a waterfall!

Additionally, Eco-Bionizers effectively reduce common environmental contaminants (VOC Volatile Organic Compound) by cleaning the air and making it healthier and more breathable.


We highlight below the functions of our Eco-bionizers with a 4-phase air treatment system to filter, purify, ionize and energize the environment:

  • Filtration. Eco-bionizers have a filtering system that allows the collection of solid particles suspended in the air with a diameter of up to 0.1 microns.
  • Purification. Our devices purify the air efficiently with their system that helps break down and destroy allergens, harmful gases, bacteria and viruses. It also reduces bad odors and volatile organic compounds VOC that are neutralized, regenerating the air.
  • Ionization. Thanks to the revolutionary patented technology that they incorporate, the eco-bionizers simultaneously generate negative and positive ions in a very precise relationship, which makes the environments healthy and bionomic, offering maximum safety and benefit for people, animals and plants in their internal environment.
  • Energization. The eco-Bionizers incorporate an internal Bionomic module that increases the natural environmental energy and thus improving its benefits. Ojas technologies help create a standardized frequency field of NAE (Natural Environmental Energy) in confined environments through nano-vibratory activation, which flows in a coherent harmonic state.


The technical specifications of the  eco-bionizers are:

  • Swiss precision and technology, use the innovative patented Ojas Eco-Bionizer Pro technology, in carbon fiber to create a higher concentration of bipolar ions.
  • It generates superior quality air, like that found in the healthiest natural environments: mountains, forests, waterfalls and seashore.
  • It does not produce ozone and maintains a constant level of bipolar ionization in the air.
  • Minimum and sustainable energy consumption, reducing the environmental impact.
  • Quiet, 30-50% quieter than a standard air conditioner.
  • Minimal and extremely resistant maintenance. Filters are periodically changed very simply.
  • Durable Quality Works effectively for many years or even decades with little or no maintenance.



Eco-bionizer blue
Eco-bionizer golden
Eco-bionizer healty enviroments
Eco-bionizers air purification
Eco-bionizers purifies, ionizes and energizes your home and office.


Unit Eco-bionizer Blue Eco-bionizer Gold
Electricity Supply 220-240 VAC / 50 Hz 230VAC / 50 Hz
Energy consumption

With ventilation at minimum

20 Watt

With ventilation at maximum 25 Watt

With ventilation at minimum

25 Watt

With ventilation at maximum 40 Watt

Fuse microfuse 20 x 5 mm 1A dealyed (T)
Ionization Voltage

Approx. 5.0 kV negative

Approx. 5.0 kV positive

Type of ionization Bipolar with carbon fi ber electrodes
Ionization power

Approx. 250’000 ioni/cm3* ventilation at min.

Approx. 320’000 ioni/cm3* ventilation at max.

Air flow

With ventilation at minimum 30 m3/h

With ventilation at maximum  55 m3/h

With ventilation at minimum

80 m3/h

With ventilation at maximum 110 m3/h

Fan silent tangential fan, suitable for continuous operation

With ventilation at minimum

~ 29 dB (A)

With ventilation at maximum  ~ 38 dB (A)

With ventilation at minimum

~ 41 dB (A)

With ventilation at maximum  ~ 45 dB (A)

Filters Replaceable electrostatic “FILTRETE” type (model 3M) with additional activated carbon filter
Dimensions 386 x 190 x 235 mm (LxPxH) 450 x 325 x 150 mm (LxPxH)
Weight 6.4 kg 8.0 kg


Available in two models:
Ojas Eco-Bionizer Blue for places from 30 to 45 square meters
Ojas Eco-Bionizer Gold works effectively in places from 60 to 90 square meters.

The eco-bionizers is supplied in pieces. To receive advice on the purchase of this product, please contact us.


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