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Molecular Sieve is a fast and high performance desiccant that works in extreme environmental situations.


Molecular Sieve is an aluminosilicate. This desiccant has an effective pore opening of about 4 Angstroms (0.4 nm). The typical formula is Na2O.Al2O3.2Sio2.nH2O.
Molecular sieve adsorbs residual moisture. It is the desiccant that acts faster, and getting to obtain atmospheres with a low relative humidity. Also, by changing the conditions of outdoor temperature and humidity is the desiccant that maintains without ejecting the adsorbed water in extreme conditions (as opposed to the silica gel or desiccant clays that in extreme conditions expel water absorbed more easily ).
The standard grade 4A-401 is generally used as a desiccant, having other degrees (4A-402, 4A-403, etc.) with certain improved properties for specific tasks.


Use of desiccant

Generally used for drying and purification of hydrocarbon fluids such as natural gas, LPG, air, inert atmospheric gases, carbon dioxide removal, ammonia and ethanol from fluid streams, and other special grades used in the drying of refrigerants and drying air in the air brakes.
Also it used as packaging and desiccant air dehydration insulating glass units. Molecular Sieve 4A absorbs molecules of a kinetic diameter of less than 0.4 nm and excludes older.

The molecular sieve desiccant can also be used to keep frozen products and to make the adhesives more durable.

Molecular Sieve
Molecular Sieve Desiccant


Nominal diameter of pores 4 angstroms (0,4 nm)
Crystal structure type cubic
Bulk density 740 g/l
Water capacity at 20ºC/55% RH 22% wt.
Water content (packed) 1,5% wt. (max.)
Heat absorption (max.) 4.200 KJ/kg water
Specific heat (aprox) 1,07 KJ/kgºC
Grain size (nominal) 2,5-5 mm   /   2-3 mm   /   1-2 mm
Grain size (equivalent) mesh 4×8   /   mesh 8×12   /   mesh 10×18
Crush resistance 7 kp   /   4 kp   /   2 kp


Can be supplied in molecular sieve bags (boxes of 120 pieces of 120 gr) or bulk (boxes, drums or big bags). It also can be supplied in different shapes, as you can see in active polymer page. Contact us for more information here.

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