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The temperature indicators allow you to know and to control the temperature oscillations of your products. They aim to show if they have been exposed to unwanted temperatures during the transport or storage.

Irreversible temperature indicators are able to detect increases and decreases in temperature according to the limit or threshold they have. In Sercalia we have several models that can be adapted to your needs. According to the information related to the temperature you want to obtain from your products, we offer indicators of temperature increase, decrease, DUO (increase and decrease), specialized for blood control, for food control, etc.

In general, the temperature indicators are very simple, intuitive and easy to use and interpret. They are an economical and very visual way of knowing if any of your products may have been damaged due to exposure to temperatures not suitable for its proper conservation. Some of them are also ideal to know the time that your product has been exposed at an inconvenient temperature.

The use of irreversible temperature indicators is increasingly being implemented in order to guarantee customers that their products have not suffered temperature fluctuations. This way, you ensure your clients theis products have not lost their properties. It is for this reason and for its low prices that its application is increasing in different sectors related to transport and storage.

Below you can consult the products according to your needs.

Temperature indicator Timestrip PLUS
Temperature indicator WarmMark

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