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Know what humidity your packaging has reached with irreversible moisture indicators.

Description of the irreversible humidity indicators

The irreversible humidity indicators allow to control the humidity to which the products are exposed inside the packaging.

Irreversible humidity indicators show if a critical humidity level has been reached or exceeded in the packaging, recording the maximum humidity reached.

In combination with desiccants, it reflects the moisture to which your product has been subjected, allowing you to draw conclusions about the state of your sensitive to moisture products.

Irreversible moisture indicators consist of white absorbent paper impregnated with a variety of colored salt solutions in different areas. The moisture content of the impregnated indicator fields changes according to the relative humidity (RH) of the surrounding air and, in addition, they change color.

Under standard conditions, the allowable tolerances with respect to the accuracy of the indicator are +/- 5% relative humidity. In conditions of extreme temperature, however, there may be a greater variation of this percentage. The humidity indicators comply with a variety of military specifications (TL, MIL, AFNOR).

We offer a wide range of irreversible moisture indicators in a variety of sizes, shapes and indicator areas, some of which have self-adhesive labels.


Some of the products in which irreversible humidity indicators are currently used:

  • Electronics.
  • Optical instruments.
  • Export packaging.
  • Packaging of bulk materials.
  • Military and aeronautics.
  • Pharmacist.


Description Size Reference Packaging
Irreversible humidity indicators 50-90% 76×114 mm MX 56789 50/tin
Irreversible humidity indicators 50-90% + reversible 10-100% 114×114 mm MCX 56789 25/tin


Irreversible moisture indicators are supplied according to the packaging specifications mentioned in the previous point. In case of less quantity, contact Sercalia.

Irreversible humidity indicators
Irreversible humidity indicators

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