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Aluminium vapour barrier film which allows protection of goods in shipments and also isolating the inside of the packaging from moisture. Manufacturing of any size of bags for packaging products.

Description of the aluminium vapour barrier film PROPAMETIC

The aluminium vapour barrier foil PROPAMETRIC is a product used to protect the goods from moisture and environmental conditions. It is a suitable solution for the protection and conservation of products over long periods of time. Prevents that the conditions inside the packaging are consistent to avoid materials damaging. On the other hand, the aluminum film has a high mechanical strength well suited for packing products with edges or metallic materials. With easy welding thereof is achieved by clips to produce finished products of any shape adapted to the geometry of objects. One of the most common uses of aluminium foil is in bags, sacks or bags of certain dimensions that facilitate the packaging of products repeatedly. It is thus the perfect solution for shipping goods over long distances by sea or for storing products in the long term.
The product protects exceptionally different agents:

  • Water
  • Humidity
  • Ultraviolet rays
  • Acids
  • Alkalistransmission of oxygen and other gases
  • Odor transmission
  • Discoloration



The aluminium film is a material that has been used for many years to protect products from moisture during transportation of goods. Thanks to its ease of use and adaptability to all packaging and to its ad-hoc shape it is used in many export industries:

  • Food industry
  • Automovile industry
  • Metal and aluminum structures
  • Equipment goods



PROPAMETIC a multilayered product and it is obtained  thanks to coupling by laminating 3 or 4 technical materials that provide a high barrier to water vapor and moisture. It is possible to weld by welders clamps giving continuity to the material and allowing a good seal moisture. It is advisable to add a desiccant inside welded aluminium bags to ensure moisture-free environments in interior packaging.

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Aluminum vapour barrier foil packaging - Sercalia
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Total thickness µm ASTM D 1505.60T 100 ± 5%
Weight g / m² ISO 536 128 ± 5%
Performance m² / kg ISO 536 8.8
Tensile strength – Longitudinal direction N DIN 55531 60
Tensile strength – Transverse direction N DIN 55531 62
Resistance of the welds N / 15 mm ASTM D882 31
Permeability to water vapor 24 hours at 38 ºC 90% RH g / (m² x 24h) ASTM D 398-83 0.05
Oxygen permeability cm³ / m² ASTM D 1434 0.04
Welding temperature Internal 200ºC / 2 bar / 2 sec


The aluminium vapour barrier foil PROPAMETIC can be supplied in rolls, tubes, bent mono, multi folded, sheets, simple bags or with blower or in standard coils. Below are the different measures of the coils that we can supply:

1000 200 200 aprox. 28
1200 200 240 aprox. 33
1400 200 280 aprox. 38
1500 200 300 aprox.41
1600 200 320 aprox. 44
There is also the possibility of adhering a humidity indicator to measure the interior humidity in the packaging and control it from the outside. A watertight valve can also be placed to facilitate the interior vacuum. All products are easily weldable using the welding clip.
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