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Sercalia is a distributor of products and services to industry since 1997.

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New trends in food conservation

New trends in food conservation

Active packaging is the new trend for food preservation. Through bags or with additives impregnated in the packaging it is possible to lengthen the useful life of the food in a natural way. Development of new technologies is allowing the introduction of active...

How to maintain constant humidity

How to maintain constant humidity

With Propadyn Humidity Stabilizer it is possible to maintain humidity inside enclosures at constant values. Ideal for the most demanding requirements of storage and transport of goods, as well as conservation of objects. The product allows to regulate the humidity in...

Why Silica Gel

Why Silica Gel

Desiccant products are difficult to be replaced. And Silica Gel is one of them, probably the best known for its many applications. The origin of the problem is the humidity, a factor that may deteriorate the majority of products if remaining long time in contact with...

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