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Sercalia distributions is a distributor of products for industrial, Pharma and Food sector since 1997.


We guarantee the highest quality of our products. Flexibility, speed and reliability of deliveries.

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Diagnosach, isothermal container for biological samples

Diagnosach, isothermal container for biological samples

Diagnosach, the isothermal container for the temperature-controlled transport of biological and infectious samples. The Diagnosach isothermal container for biological samples is a lightweight and durable reusable isothermal bag. It combines the isothermal potential of...

Benefits of the co2 Meter

Benefits of the co2 Meter

¿Did you know that 99% of the world's population breathes air that exceeds the air quality limits recommended by the WHO? Air pollution or atmospheric pollution is a problem that is facing society nowadays. This concern has multiple health consequences, ranging from...

How silica gel works?

How silica gel works?

Silica gel is a great desiccant that absorbs excess moisture, protects and preserves your products during storage and transport. Desiccant silica gel has multiple applications for both industry and private use. You can use silica desiccant for: Keep clothes and shoes...