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The anticorrosion protection of the metallic elements can be obtained through anticorrosive VCI diffusers and emanators, in an efficient and complete way.

The VCI diffusers generated from the PROPATECH VCI system use the safest and most suitable method for the protection of metal parts against damage caused by corrosion during transport and storage.

The range of products is created and developed in one of the most advanced research laboratories in the world in the field of anticorrosion protection of metals.

The VCI system (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) prevents the oxidation process and consequent deterioration of a metallic object on its surface in contact with the external environment. When sublimate the VCI and spread within the packaging, it forms a thin invisible layer capable of neutralizing the potential agents that can cause corrosion of metals, such as water vapor, saline atmosphere, sulfurous gases and the most common industrial and environmental pollutants present in the air.

The VCI emanators and diffusers sublimate the VCI molecules immediately and continuously, quickly saturating the environment to be protected.

There are different types of products that are VCI diffusers. Then you can consult the product that most interests you according to its characteristics:

VCI diffusers
VCI diffusers
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