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Omni-GWS: two-axis impact indicator, non-manipulable, reusable and water resistant.

Omni-GWS: the impact indicator against manipulation and waterproof.

The Omni-GWS shock indicator is weather resistant with stainless steel components to protect against salty atmosphere and moisture during shipping and prolonged storage or aggressive environments.

The Omni-GWS impact indicators can be used hundreds of times with the included reset clamps. In addition, they are resistant to water and proof of any manipulation.

Tamper-proof design for greater security against unauthorized resetting.

The Omni-GWS shock indicator is individually calibrated for maximum reliability and precision.

  • Omni-GWS detects impacts from all directions
  • When used with alert labels, Omni-GWS reduces the incidence of damage by raising awareness that the package is being monitored
  • Promotes responsibility among the manipulators along the transport chain
  • Can help identify trouble spots in the transport chain
  • Helps to shape the effectiveness of packaging
  • The Omni-GWS components are individually calibrated for maximum
    reliability and precision
  • The Omni-GWS is designed with two sets of spring loaded steel balls that dislodge and drop into a transparent dome when hit with an impact that exceeds the preset level

Applications of the Omni-GWS shock indicator

The Omni-G shock indicators have many applications in various sectors. Some of them would be:

  • Automotive components
  • Distribution of electronics
  • IT Services
  • Armament
  • Aerospace
  • Electric appliances
  • Electronics devices
  • Semiconductors
  • Medical devices
  • Laboratory elements
  • Computer equipment (computers, hard drives, etc.)
  • Artworks
  • Glass articles
  • Furniture
  • Packaging in general



Sensitivity Range

2G to 10G (in 1G increments)

14G to 40G (in 5G increments)

50G to 100G (in 10G increments)

Also available in 125G, 150G, 175G, 200G, 225G, 250G, 300G, 400G, 500G

Duration 8,4 ms
Weight 57 gr
Tolerance ± 10%
Operating Temperature -73ºC a 135ºC
Size Diameter 38 mm
Mounting With screws

Supplies of the Omni-GWS shock indicator

The Omni-G impact indicators are supplied in units.

Shock indicators. Ask for bugdet - Sercalia
OMNI-GWS. shock INDICATORS. Buy online - Conservatis
Omni-GWS shock indicator. Safe, reusable and water resistant. Impact indicators - Sercalia
Omni-GWS. Shock indicators. Two-axis impact indicator, non-manipulable, reusable and water resistant - Sercalia
Omni-GWS Impact indicator detects impacts from all directions. Shock indicators - Sercalia

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