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Oxygen absorbers allow you to extend the shelf life of meats, pastries, cooked products, bulk products, nuts, medicines and other foods by absorbing the oxygen present inside the packages in which the products are sold.

Thanks to the oxygen absorbers and the Ageless product range, an oxygen-free atmosphere is created inside the containers where the food is. Ageless oxygen absorbing sachets contain iron that oxidizes by absorbing oxygen from inside the containers, leaving an atmosphere of at most 0.1% oxygen.

With this oxygen-free atmosphere, food can be presented by eliminating the effects of oxygen. Both the taste and freshness of food are preserved, extending the shelf life of them.

Oxygen absorbers are a more efficient way to generate a nitrogen atmosphere inside the containers than is currently done with nitrogen injectors. By means of conventional methods of carrying out the vacuum and injection of nitrogen, oxygen pockets may remain at some point in the container and in addition to the passing of the hours, oxygen also enters through the permeability of the surface of the plastic film of the container itself. Thanks to oxygen absorbers, a good elimination of oxygen is guaranteed at all points of the blister by a dynamic process.

Oxygen absorbers




The AnaeroPack system is an easy anaerobic culture method that does not require water or catalyst. Due to the simplicity of the AnaeroPack system, there is no need for large and expensive equipment or special jars to produce an atmosphere suitable for the cultivation of microorganisms. This product does not create unnecessary pressure while creating an anaerobic environment that makes it suitable for use with any type of jar.

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