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Slip Sheets Pallets are designed to optimize fiber compact volumes of conventional pallets.


The Slip Sheet Pallet is a way to reduce waste, storage volumes, weights and costs in the movement of goods. The pallets are made with compact fibers, and its main features are:

  • Cost reduction of 70-80% compared to conventional pallets
  • Robust
  • Light
  • Reduction in volume compared to traditional pallets (1,000 ud Slip Sheet occupy the same space as conventional 10 units)
  • Reducing transport costs (lower weight, smaller volume)
  • Recyclable
  • Improvement over traditional pallets having no nails, no variations in measurements and no problems fumigation timber.


The slip sheets can be used the same way as conventional pallet. Is required to adapt nails forklift to handle this type of pallet.


Layers are made of 100% virgin kraft cardboard and waterproof adhesive. The method improves longitudinal and transverse strength and thus can avoid jerks that require manual unloading of the goods.

There needs to be adapted to conventional forklifts. Adaptation is simple and reversible at any time.

You can see a video of them at this link.


PROPASHEET is sold in different types:

  • One or more pathways
  • Bolstered (for special uses)
  • Coated with a slip additive
  • With moisture protective treatment

We can supply PROPASHEET tailored to the needs of customers. Contact us to receive assessment on this product or a budget.

Slip Sheet Pallet
Trolley adaptation for Slip Sheets
Trolley adaptation for Slip Sheets
Saving space with Slip Sheets

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