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VCI STRETCH film protects metal parts from corrosion and oxidation by packing during transport and storage.

Description of VCI STRETCH film

VCI Stretch Film with anti-corrosive system. The VCI additive is introduced into the still melted material during the film coextrusion phase. The additive is then able to sublime from the plastic, guaranteeing protection from the corrosion of the packed metallic details.

The VCI Stretch Film is made of high quality resins allowing the product to obtain high characteristics as resistance. Being an elastic film allows the product to adapt to any shape of object to be protected, whether they are sharp profiles, plates or metal objects of any size.

The VCI stretch film is the easiest, practical and economic solution adopted by the main automobile manufacturers, the steel sector and metallurgical companies around the world, to avoid the damages caused by corrosion. It is less polluting and 100% recyclable.

The 3 layers of stretch film are divided into:

  • Internal layer: guarantees the immediate protection of the items that must be protected.
  • Intermediate layer: acts as a reservoir of PROPATECH VCI molecules for long-term protection. This layer only comes into play when the inner layer is exhausted.
  • External layer: it has the function of barrier of the atmospheric agents and of containment of the protective action. This layer prevents the PROPATECH VCI molecules from dispersing to the outside, ensuring that 100% of the protective efficiency is developed inside the packaging.

The VCI stretch film complies with TRGS 615 regulations.


The main applications of the VCI stretch film are:

  • Automatic packing of metal parts
  • Manual packing of metal parts
  • Steel coils
  • Metal bars
  • Metallic tubes
VCI stretch film
VCI stretch film
VCI stretch film


Density g / cm³ ASTM D1505 0,92 ÷ 0,93
Thickness µm ISO 4593 Nominal ± 10%
Width mm Internal Nominal ± 5%
Length m Internal Nominal ± 5%
Breaking load (MD) N / mm² ASTM D882 35 ± 10%
Breaking load (TD) N / mm² ASTM D882 22 ± 10%
Tensile strength in performance (MD) N / mm² ASTM D882 10 ± 10%
Tensile strength in performance (TD) N / mm² ASTM D882 8 ± 10%
Elongation at break (MD) % ASTM D882 620 ± 10% (33 µm)
Elongation at break (TD) % ASTM D882 720 ± 10% (33 µm)
Elmendorf Test (MD) mN ASTM D1922 4154 ± 10% (33 µm)
Elmendorf Test (TD) mN ASTM D1922 4784 ± 10% (33 µm)
DART TEST resistance g ASTM D 1709-A 160 ± 10% (33 µm)


The VCI stretch film can be supplied in rolls, bags or bags. To make any inquiry about the product or to request a quote contact us here.

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