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The VCI Noxy diffuser is a product developed to protect the metallic elements from corrosion during long trips inside containers, boxes or cages.

Description of the VCI Noxy LILLO and B50 diffusers

VCI Noxy diffuser is a dynamic integrator containing VCI micro tablets. Thanks to its special structure mounted on a suspension system, PROPATECH VCI NOXY allows the diffusion of the VCI molecules inside the packaging, in a fast and constant way, reaching even the most hidden and difficult points to protect.

The VCI Diffuser is placed inside the packaging (either containers, cages or boxes) and activates a few hours before the output. In this way the diffuser spreads the VCI molecules saturating the environment. Then, thanks to the transport’s own movements, the diffuser will continue to propagate VCI molecules ensuring the protection of the metal parts until its final destination.

It is a product especially indicated for packagings of great volume and sent to long distances, in any type of climatic conditions (even extreme). It can achieve a great duration and intensity protection.

The VCI Noxy LILLO diffuser, thanks to its suspension system, can be hung or fixed to the object to be protected. It can be activated and deactivated several times, allowing a longer use of it.

The VCI Noxy B50 diffuser is designed to be placed in confined spaces. It adapts easily to any type of packaging thanks to its structure and its repositioning system. Protects the goods for a long period of time.



The main applications of VCI Noxy diffusers are:

  • Automotive industry
  • Electronic industry
VCI Noxy diffuser
Difusor VCI Noxy
Difusor VCI Noxy


Weight (g) Noxy Wrapping aprox. 20
VCI microtablets aprox. 15
Noxy with VCI microtablets aprox. 35
Size Closed height (mm) aprox. 65
Closed diameter (mm) aprox. 60
Open height (mm) aprox. 95
Open diameter (mm) aprox. 60


Weight (g) VCI diffuser (net weight) aprox. 50
Noxy B50 total aprox. 64
Features Dry and does not release dust
Size 175x50x20 mm


The VCI Noxy LILLO and B50 diffusers are supplied in boxes of 200 units. To make any inquiry about the products, or to request a quote, contact us here.

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