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The ethylene absorbent sheet for domestic use lengthens the shelf life of fruits and vegetables in your cupboard or refrigerator. It absorbs the ethylene gas, which is the hormone responsible for the maturation of vegetables, thus preventing its consumption time from being shortened.

Description of the ethylene absorber sheet

The ethylene absorbent sheet allows you to keep longer your fruits and vegetables at home or in your business. Ethylene gas is the hormone responsible for the maturation of vegetables, so thanks to these sheets you can lengthen the ripening time. Save money by preventing the fruits and vegetables from perishing if you take longer than expected to consume them. In addition, with this absorbent ethylene sheet, the fruits and vegetables of your home or your business keep the vitamins, sugars, and especially their smell and flavor.

For the product to start working, place it on the fruits or vegetables, or also at the base of the box where you store the products, or the drawer of the refrigerator. You can use it both in the fridge, in cold rooms or outside, like in a box or in other spaces of your home. In order to make the absorbent sheet to work well the fruits or vegetables shall not be wrapped in plastic. The sheets are made with a food grade paper authorized to be in contact with food. In addition, it is a paper of a special quality resistant to humidity. For the ethylene absorber to function at its maximum capacity, the unprinted face of the paper of the sheets must be placed in contact with the product to be preserved.

The main advantages of the ethylene absorbent sheets are:

  • Reduces the ripening speed of fruits and vegetables
  • Keeps the organoleptic properties of vegetables for longer
  • Prevents odors due to excessive ripening of the products.
  • Increased food safety


The ethylene absorbent sheet has the following applications, among others:

  • Refrigerator
  • Cupboards
  • Other spaces
  • Travel and other transports


The main technical specifications of the ethylene absorbent sheet are as follows:

  • Food grade paper authorized to be in contact with food
  • Paper with a special quality resistant to humidity
  • Safe and efficient absorber of ethylene gas, the hormone responsible for ripening fruits and vegetables
  • Creates a suitable level of CO2 and H2O to slow down the maturation of vegetables


The ethylene absorbent sheet is supplied in pieces. If you wish to receive advice or an estimate on the purchase of this product, please contact us.

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Ethylene absorbent sheet
Ethylene absorber sheet
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