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Protect your fabrics and keep them clean for longer.


Tecnadis Coatex fabric protector is a water and stain repellent product used to protect fabrics and keep them clean for longer.

This fabric protector solution is based on high-performance nanoparticles. It is the ideal solution to waterproof any type of natural or synthetic fabric. With this treatment, water and stains do not penetrate the treated fabrics. Therefore, it greatly facilitates its cleaning, without modifying its original appearance.

Tecnadis Coatex water repellent is a water-based solution, so there are no restrictions on its application. In addition, it allows the natural breathability of the treated fabrics, since it does not create a film that seals them.

Reduce the frequency and time of cleaning your fabrics using Tecnadis Coatex fabric protector.



Indicated for any type of fabric, whether indoor or outdoor, washable or non-washable:
– Leather goods
– Footwear
– Home textile
– Backpacks
– Awnings
– Sofas
– Curtains
– Restoration
– Hostelry
– Automotive
– Nautical
– Etc.

An effective product against the removal of both aqueous and oily stains. Removes oil stains, jams, carbonated drinks, coffee, wine, sauces, etc.


Tecnadis Coatex fabric protection
 Fabric Nano Protector
nano shoe protector sercalia


Tecnadis Coatex respects the structure and natural porosity of the treated materials. In addition, you can reapply the product without having to remove previous product residue.

Its approximate average yield is 6-8 m² / l. Finally, its shelf life is 12 months from its date of manufacture in its original hermetic container at temperatures between 5 ° C and 30 ° C.

We recommend carrying out a small initial test on the less visible tissue surface to ensure that the application method is correct.
For proper use, shake before use. Then spray on the clean and dry fabric using hand spray / airless spray. Spray at a distance of 20 cm, evenly throughout the fabric until darkening of the fabric is observed due to wetting. Avoid applying the product in excess. Let dry for 12 hours. The optimal effect will be achieved after a drying time of 24 hours.



The following formats are served as standard:
150 ml bottle
500 ml bottle
1 liter bottle
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