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Corner protection of goods that can be adapted to the different form of each packaging. Edgeboards allow custom packaging since they can easily be cut to suit the shape of your products.


Cut-to-size corner protection adapt to the edges of your products and can be cut off to the exact lenght required. These corner protection are very easy to cut, so they can be adapted to the dimensions of any product.

Its profiled fins can be used to count them as a measure of the object to be protected. This way, it is possible to protect any type of goods, both polygonal or circular. Applying a cut on one of the flaps it is possible to rotate the corner squarely and continue lining the edges. Thus you can protect with the corner protection all the edges of the product.

This type of protection is recyclable and very easy to use since a cutter or scissors are enough to cut it. Waste management is simplified both for the company sending the products with this corner protection and for the company receiving them.

The use of adjustable corners facilitates warehouse management since a single reference can cover different needs of protection, whereas previously different products would have been required. Warehouse stock and product range is reduced because with a single measurement all the necessary measures can be made.


Corner protection is useful for any type of packaging, for product protection during transport or storage.

It can also be used as protection in areas susceptible to blows, thanks to its adaptability to any surface.


Corner protection is available in two formats:

  • With symmetrical fins: The two fins are 6 cm wide. The supply is made in sections of 2.7 m cut-to-size
  • With asymmetrical fins: One fin of 6 cm and the other of 10 cm, offering this way the possibility of choosing the appropriate placement as needed. This type of fins is often used to protect steel tubulars with the larger fin in the outer part of the package (as can be seen in the pictures).

It is possible to customize the corner protection according to the needs of the client. Contact us here for more information.

Corner protection
Corner protection cut-to-size for pallets
Corner protection for packaging

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