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Neutralize the electrical voltage of the human body and harmonize the environment with the geobionomic point of connection to earth and the SOLS geobionomical mat.


The geobionomic point of connection to earth and geobionomical mat help you to reduce the artificial tensions and the dangerous currents for the human body which are transmitted by the ambient environment.

The SOLS earth connection geobionomic point is a socket which has three 10 mm pressure buttons for the application of geobionomic cables. It offers a resistance of 100 kilo-ohmios allowing to create a low resistance connection interface to the ground.

Easy to use, rigorously tested and designed with revolutionary technology, the geobionomic plug protects any conductive dissipation from the current flow and at the same time maximizes the efficiency of the earth connection.

The SOLS earth connection geobionomic point is used with a geobionomic cable and a geobionomic mat that help neutralize human electrical tension and harmonize the environment, simply by coming into contact with the material.



The geobionomic carpet neutralizes unwanted electrical and electrostatic voltages present in the environment.

Thanks to the revolutionary certified material with which it was developed, it reduces the body’s electrical voltage levels by more than 90%, thus offering multiple health benefits, because your body is less stressed and this improves your productivity.

In this way, among the multiple health benefits associated with the use of the earth connection point through the use of a geobionomic mat, we highlight:

  • Improvement of physiological and energy balance
  • More focus and attention
  • Reduction of stress levels and bodily tension
  • Improved sleep
  • Pain reduction and inflammatory processes
  • Natural increase in antioxidant levels: better mood
  • Safer and more harmonious environment


Fits most electrical outlets and easy to use, just connect the device to the power outlet and connect the geobionomic cable to the mat.

The cable has an additional resistance of 100 kilo-ohmios to create an extremely safe and effective grip on the earth.

Then you need to place the rug on the desk, below the keyboard and the mouse. It can be in direct contact with any part of the body. In this way, it will help you to neutralize the harmful and dangerous effects of a high body voltage and to harmonize the ambient environment.

The mat consists of a special certified and patented bionomic fabric called Extrema Clever, highly conductive, combining unique and special minerals, including Graphite among other components.

A high-tech, high-quality material that guarantees high resistance to hydrolysis.

Geobionomical Mat and Geobionomic point of connection to earth
Alfombrilla geobionómica y enchufe geobionómico de conexión a tierra
Geobionomical mat
Geobionomic point of connection to earth and geobionomical mat
Device weight /plug 0.100 kg
Dimensions of device 5.8 × 4.1 × 6 cm
Mat weight 1 kg
Mat dimensions 63.5 × 42.5 × 5 cm



Included: geobionomic mat/carpet, geobionomic cable and geobionomic plug for earth connection.

To ask any questions about the product, or to request a quote, contact us here.


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