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The VCI tablets allow an anticorrosion treatment to metal products by VCI diffusion, especially to their small dimensions merchandise.

VCI tablets description

VCI Tablets consist of VCI powder compacted after a compression process and mixed with crystals to reduce its fragility. This type of presentation of VCI allows the dispersion of the VCI molecules around the metal pieces once placed next to them. In this way the metal elements are protected from corrosion during transport and storage of the products.

It is a simple way of protection from meteorological agents that can deteriorate metallic products.Thanks to their small size they can be placed in complicated access areas. Also, they guarantee the protection with VCI in all the points of the metallic pieces.



PROPATECH VCI TABLETS are designed to protect the metal content of bags and small containers. They are often used in automatic packaging.

VCI Tablets are also used in containers that have previously been protected with VCI-impregnated paper or plastic, or they can be added to any conventional packaging when protection against corrosion is needed.

The main applications VCI tablets are:

  • Small containers
  • Small bags
  • Automatic packaging
  • Containers previously protected with VCI paper or plastic
  • Metallurgical sector
  • Technology sector
  • Capital goods
  • Automotive industry
VCI Tablets
VCI Tablets
VCI Tablets


Weight (g) 1,5
Size Height (mm) 7
Diameter (mm) 18


The VCI tablets can be supplied in standard size, to be placed in bags, or in small size, in 25 gr bags. To make any inquiry about the product, or to request a quote, contact us here.

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