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VCI sponges are designed to protect metallic elements against corrosion in large packages during long journeys.

Description of the VCI sponges

VCI Sponges allow the protection of metallic objects such as steel, iron, copper, brass or bronze. They are impregnated with the product Propatech VCI to realize the protection. The VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) is a compound that neutralizes the possible aggressive agents of the environment. Protect metals by direct and also remote contact. They have a great ability to spread, even for long periods of time.

They are specially indicated to integrate and enhance the anticorrosive action in the case of bulky packagings destined to long distances, even in extreme climatic conditions.

In the case of large pieces, VCI sponges can be applied to the most difficult packing points to be protected.



VCI sponges are especially suitable for large-sized packages for shipping over long distances, in all types of weather conditions. Above all they have application in the electrical and electronic industry.

In case of large manufactured products, the VCI Sponges can be placed in the points with the greatest risk of deterioration of the packaging.

VCI sponges
VCI sponges


Weight (g) aprox. 10
Size Height (mm) aprox. 250
Lenght (mm) aprox. 250
Width (mm) aprox. 6


VCI sponges can be supplied with an adhesive strip for fast fixing. To make any inquiry about the product, or to request a quote, contact us here.

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