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The Timestrip Time indicators allow you to control the time that has passed since its activation. They are ideal for the pharmaceutical industry or for many other sectors that include maintenance or repair services.

Description of Timestrip Time indicators

The Timestrip Time indicators are very useful to offer reminders about how much time has passed since their activation, indicating the time a product has been used. These are products that guarantee with precision and reliability that your devices have an optimal performance and an effective operation, since they indicate replacement reminders. The information that the different indicators give us can be of vital importance for the pharmaceutical industry or for maintenance and repair services. They are irreversible indicators that remain inactive until they are activated and do not need special requirements for storage or transport.

To activate the Timestrip Time indicators you need to press the activation button located at the top or bottom depending on the type of indicator. Once the activation button is pressed, a colored line will appear in the activation window and, after that, the window will begin to fill up until the maximum time it is able to indicate. For its application they can be fixed to the product or device you want thanks to its adhesive back.



The Timestrip Time indicators are ideal for controlling the time that your products or devices are operating or being handled. These indicators are used mainly in:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Repair services
  • Maintenance services
  • Replacement services



Product Image Time lapse Size Applications
Timestrip 1 Hour 1 hour 19mm x 32mm Diagnostic tests
Timestrip 12 Hours 12 hours 19mm x 40mm Diagnostic tests
Timestrip 7 days 1 week 19mm x 40mm Use in pharmacies, replacement of medical devices and medical devices
Timestrip 1 Month 1 month 19mm x 40mm Product replacement
Timestrip 3 Months 3 months 19mm x 40mm Product replacement
Timestrip 6 Months 6 months 19mm x 40mm Replacement of repeating products and systems
Timestrip 12 Months 1 year 19mm x 40mm Replacement of repeating products and systems
Timestrip 24 Months 2 years 19mm x 40mm Replacement of repeating products and systems


Timestrip Time indicators are supplied in boxes of 100 units. Request a quote according to your needs here.

 Timestrip Time indicator 7 Days
Timestrip Time indicator 12 Hours
Timestrip Time indicator application

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